4 Methods of making money online

4 Methods of

Making Money Online



Method 1- Writing using Article directories and Blogging Networks

Content  creation is one of the most powerful ways to get into the search engine. Companies like Google, MSN, Yahoo & Bing are one of the largest Search Engines online today. There JOBS are to collect information from website such as Article Directories, forum site, Review sites, News sites, Blog sites and see who is getting traffic, comments, and there is valuable information on the site. Once this long task is complete they allow the website to be found on there search engine.

So I am not asking you to master SEO or build your own search engine I am asking you to create content  so your information can be selected to be added into the largest search engine. Now just like your favorite News Channel on T.V the search engine thrive on new information as you see they don’t create they just select content . So Blogging or creating content daily will increase your changes highly to be found sharing your content you create on a social platform such as Facebook, YouTube, Empower Network, Blogger, Tumblr, Google +, Twitter is a great way to get the buzz going by your Social Network  influence.

Sample Blog Network  I use to promote 4 Effective ways of making money online

Method 2- Audio marketing

Audio Marketing has highly increased the interest for many people of who have no time to sit down and enjoy a video or read an interesting blog even emails are being pushed back. people prefer to read a text than read there emails there is really no time in the day for most people. Creating Audio for your customers or friends to listen too is more convenient. They can listen to an audio just about anywhere. some examples are listening to audio while driving, Flying, taking a warm bath, while working out in the gym, going for a long walk the list can go one forever  Think out the box when creating Audio content and place yourself in every Example I listed. Ask yourself what would you  want to be listening while at the gym compared to talking a long walk… Every Audio should be unique to the place and environment your listener will be at.

Audio Example with my niche

Method 3- Image Marketing

Adding an image to a blog is very influential most marketers or writers just like to write. They writer might lack the skill or desire to create video or audio or even have no interest in it. so adding or creating Images then adding them to a blog can really make your Blog, Website pop out insure you are using a congruent picture to flow with your story. Think of it as writing a children’s book. A single solid color page is boring add some picture to your story and your readers will love you for it.

This method will allow the reader to relate and engage with your story.


Method 4 – Video Marketing

Video Marketing is becoming more powerful each day. I spend time on YouTube because I really enjoy this Method of marketing. I enjoy watching training video, I enjoy Laughing, I enjoy listening to the speaker, I enjoy seeing steps on How To videos . Video marketing for many is a really a tough one, yet it’s probably the fast & easiest to create and publish to the internet. Using Camtasia or Sony Vegas to delete the video and keep the audio works great for me it’s a 2 in formula add a 350 word description about the video  find a picture that can relate to my story or even do a screen shot can work perfect for me.

Here is a quick Sample video I just finish Completing

Now That being said not sure if you picked up what I just finished writing but I developed a formula to incorporate all 4 Methods of making money online while creating content into 1 when I use Video Marketing

Hector Guerrero

I can put all these techniques and promote 5 Products all in one platform I use Empower Network watch the video to get a full understanding.


4 methods of making money online

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