Build an online business now the question was how?



The Big Question How Can I Make This Venture Happen

We ended yesterday with The big question build an online business now the question was how? So today I am going to tell you how. You see when I started my venture online I was clueless I knew I had to offer or sell something but what I didn’t know. Let me begin by telling you my experience It was Dec 21st 2005 around 5om est time I was up in New York visiting my mom.  I ran across an ad on MySpace pretty cool looking ad I clicked on it. The PowerPoint video was cool it explained a lot about making money and offering with a real support team an office lots of cars big house etc. I thought it was cool what sold me on the opportunity was the face that I can make $500 a sale.

So how do I sell?

I have no leads, no website, no experience

hmm interesting well my research began.. at that time it was only AOL, MSN, Yahoo  I did some research not a lot about the product cause I just spent my last $500 and my daughters birthday was only a few days away. My entrepreneur blood was and the adrenaline was pumping hard all these thought about getting robbed and what if I can’t sell it, what if I can’t do this was running thru my mind. then something weird happened,

the phone call

My phone rang

it was the dude

I bought the product from.





The vision

Global Traffic & Trust factors




A sigh of relief entered my soul this guy in my eyes knew what he
was doing he told me things I never
heard before and explained techniques
I never came across in my research.
He explained to me the internet is your
traffic all I had to do was create a road
to my opportunity I was like huh  what
the hell are you talking about.

Then this vision came to my mind



All this made perfect sense Now the  Journey begins learning all of it. How long will it take before I see result completely went flying out the window.  I removed myself from anyone or anything that could negativity impact my dream & business. I started researching again but what I asked myself then it came to me “how to build a website” . I started with free websites but that didn’t have the look and I feel I was looking for, so I started to create my own  “WordPress” platform it needed to look cool and perform as I needed,  also it needed to be flexible for future option & upgrades I might want to add So here it is “Inside WordPress”


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