Build your business as your team will let you down.

For many years I have worked with many clients both free and paid. I have have seem many succeed and in return must confess I’ve even more FAIL. For a long time I thought it was my fault I called my customers, created live hangouts or video stream or some sort, conference call and still could not get through or help them success. I create training courses, written blueprints, even went beyond and above to create professional website that anyone would have gladly paid over $10,000 for.

Not sure if you are aware but it’s damn expensive to hire someone like me to work for you. Now I am writing this article today to enlighten you not upset you. Many top earners become top earner by leveraging there time & resources. Proving value to others but mostly providing value to themselves.

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The reason I am going to remind you of growing your business personally is simple. You already have the right mindset and refuse to fail. Most true online business entrepreneur don’t need much convincing as they already understand the business model of the internet.

As a TRUE ENTREPRENEUR you must run and operate your business 100% or pay someone to do it for you, no different than a franchise owner that employs a General Managers and other staff members. Running a tight ship will require you to put in some serious hours in education without that information you might as well just quit.

Building a loyal team will require you to know what the hell you are talking about and reselling. If you want a strong team you going to have to play the roll of a strong leader. Investing into Membership sites to advance your knowledge of the internet is what you must do. You can’t expect anyone to buy from you if your not willing to invest into yourself .

The best marketing advice I can offer you is build out your brand. If you look around you just about every single leader out there uses blogs to brand themselves and or company. That means this advise is not up for a debate. Trust me I have been there, once that is over your sole purpose it to learn everything you can as fast as you can. Now I know that might sound Overwhelming but I am going to lighten up your day are you ready to read what I am about to tell you?…

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Cool moving forward then, my biggest secret to massive overload of learning and being product all at the same time is called “Influx Overload” definition is simple learn something as simple as cleaning up your computer desktop, clearing cookies from your browser, replacing your computer ram, building a banner, creating a Facebook fan page whatever.. YES,  I need you to create content there are 4 ways of communication online, ” Pictures” , “Audio”, “Written”, “Video” now you might know how to create each one if so perfect you already got a head start in your marketing.

If not it’s even better cause now you can learn update techniques that are currently outdated by many entrepreneurs before you. facebook, youtube, google + even you current computer operation system might be different that what you see out there on the internet.  So Start creating the content as you learn the information if you do as I am asking you do you will NEVER be overwhelmed or run out of content to create therefor giving you the competitive edge others are lacking .

superWhyThe best practice to creating the information is to share it and speak as if you are sharing it with a close friend. It’s okay to blast your favorite music and speak out loud to yourself. You have to get into it. Find the grove, I find music soothes the soul for myself. Without it I a feel like I am going nuts over here. As I am writing this article I have SUPER WHY the cartoon show playing in the background and all 4 of my kids screaming and running around, My dog is barking and my wife want to step put outside. It’s funny the reason I share this with you is simply to comfort you and insure I am real with real time distraction happening yet i find the time to create my content and marketing every single day.

It’s okay to work everyday in this line of work since we only work a few hours per day plus you’re working for yourself it’s fun and it’s willful. If I was employed I would find it slavery to be forced to work daily for someone else  ” Again where is your mind at “,  That was A mind bender.

perseverenceThe best thing you can do is read on and define these 2 words Perseverance, Entrepreneur print it out hand it on your wall. your going to have to remind yourself everyday day you are your own boss and you make you’re own rules. If you’re looking for success focus on growing your mind stay away from Social Media. Everything things you know is just a marketing angle promote share but don’t fall into the trap. Build out capture pages all day long test test test everything. Focus on Building blog post and with each blog post hyperlink a capture page this will give you every option to collect leads. If you are not currently on my blog take a peak at it. My Blog Influx Entrepreneur

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Getting a good online mentor is tough and there are many to select from so I am here extending out my hand and asking for your business come join me and let me show you what I did to position myself as a leader and generate income daily using content and the internet  join me inside the network of Influx Entrepreneur a complete marketing platform that can provide you the ability to earn $500 commissions daily if you apply the techniques I am going to share with you.

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Build your business as your team will let you down.

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