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Yes, you can marketing online without writing a single blog. If your looking for a fast cash then spam the hell out of your social market and burn all your social bridges. This is in fact, the truth online when any new entrepreneur starts there venture. Refusing to write just leave one option available “spamming” and that spamming branding image that can hurt you long term.

Using pictures is often used when content creation such as blogging is not favored. The honest truth is how can you help that person that is just like you.  You have a desire to gain the income using the internet right?

You would not like anyone just asking you to buy especially when you have less than $1 in your bank account. Treat you customers as you would like to be treated. When using images to promote a product online you have to know image marketing is just to get the person to click on it. If you send everyone to a checkout page you might not get the sales as intended. The best option you will have is to send that person to a review site of some sort. Providing information about the product then using real good copy writing skills to close the sale.

Since writing might be your weakest point why not use video. The video can be something simple as you share your screen and guiding your customer around the product and how it may benefit them if they decide to buy it from you. Add bonuses to the end of the video will keep your customers engaged to stay all the way to the end and watch the entire video.

The internet has NO Secrets, you can google anything you want. The concern for many is not knowing what to look for or where to start. BUT there is also one more thing besides the fact of not knowing is are you really determined and able to persevere through anything.

Reason I said that is for one simple fact “Your not really making Money Online you are building a online business” Are you ready mentally to go through the journey with me and be overwhelmed with information. This is what you want to know everything and see the results everyone is bragging about online. I am going to show you how simple it really is to get what you want all you need to do commit and desire success, Be willing to persevere and  able to make the necessary adjustments as you are employing yourself as a Online Entrepreneur.

If you want to get paid online you have to be prepared to work for your paycheck. I hope this makes sense to you. I am not going to sugar coat anything or hold anything back from you. I am here in your face and you are reading this post for a reason this was not an accident we don’t know each other yet we share the same common goal “Success”


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