Case Study: The Art Of Creating The Perfect Funnel That Converts

Building your marketing funnel can be a bit challenging. There is three parts to this madness First you should visualize the path your potential customers are going to be taking, Second the mindset based from your content you have been writing and sharing. Third is the calendar are you paying attention yet?

Funnels and generating leads seem to be what online business owners think it’s all about. But the contrary. We as online business/website owners should understand what we are about to share with our customers no different that opening up a local store in your home town. The internet is bigger than your home town as it covers the world but this should not stop you from targeting you customers locally or on a specific city.

For the most part we want free to work so badly we forget the damage we are doing to ourselves. Free does work over time. When you start blogging and or creating content online you must know that it can take anywhere between 6-12 before you start seeing results such as leads and sales. Organic seo traffic is great you are positioned on the top the search engines while otheres are paying to b there something in out industry mlm direct sales related keywords can run anywhere between 4-12 per click on money producing keywords.

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Influx Entrepreneur. Staying on topic with marketing niche marketing what is it really? let’s dive into that if you are selling a home business opportunity ask yourself why you got involved write down a list of things not related to money that attracted you to the online business. Now let ask anther question why would anyone need to get it as well.  These are questions no one really ask when they start as they are drawn into the business for the income lever vs the value it provides.

Why is this relevant to a funnel you may as well lets recap again?

I started this post with this step
“First you should visualize the path your potential customers are going to be taking” what better way to this than to self analyze yourself in the buying process. What turn you on and excited you to make the buying decision?

This is the art of market psychology by DEFINITIONMarket Psychology‘ The overall sentiment or feeling that the market is experiencing at any particular time. Greed, fear, expectations and circumstances are all factors that contribute to the group’s overall investing mentality or sentiment.

Getting into the mind of the pre-buyer what triggers that person in making a decision buying your product, service or tool what will it solve.

This is where the capture page / optin page beings begins. The copy-writing where and how to build one but before we get into creating the capture page / optin form let login into our email auto-responder. Lets log into Aweber we are going to do a double optin to insure a clean list and avoid bad emails. If you have not create an account with aweber as yet let go ahead and create your Aweber account

We want people that can follow the simplest of instructions there for they must check there email and click on a link to get your information. This is the first interaction you are having with your clients don’t get discouraged if they don’t confirm this will only give you validation that they are not a good fit for your business.

Let’s being and create a form. We are going to just collect Emails nothing more. Activate the thank you page & email confirmation link. Here are some examples feel free to swipe the examples below/

Thank you Page
Confirmation email Page
Error Page

Now we can move forward and and create our optin page we need an example for this therefore I am going to use our funnel as it converts pretty good.  Here is the link How create the perfect funnel.This should give you an idea how the process should go.

Now I will be using Optimizepress you can follow along with on your end if you have not picked up a license please go ahead and get one here Get licensed.

I would love to share more with you but it would be unfair for the rest. As you know we are working together so I need you to do one thing for me and this and go to the next page

This is where I will dive into a deeper level with you and complete the funnel.


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