Computer Factory Restoration Process



Computer Factory Restoration Process


1.    Press the F8 key when you see the Dell logo in the center of the screen when you power it up. You may have to tap it several times before the restore process is engaged.

2.    The restore process has begun when you see the advanced boot options screen. Arrow down and select REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER and hit enter.

3.    On the select a keyboard input method screen, the default choice should be US then click next.

4.    On the user name and password screen, use the drop down menu to choose Aaron if it is not already selected by default. Leave the password field blank and click ok.

5.    On the choose recovery tool screen, select the bottom option, DELL DATASAFE RESTORE AND EMERGENCY BACKUP.

6.    From the DataSafe welcome screen, choose the bottom option, SELECT OTHER SYSTEM BACKUP AND MORE OPTIONS and click next.

7.    On the next screen, choose RESTORE MY COMPUTER and click next.

8.    You now have to choose a previous restore point. Choose the FACTORY IMAGE and click next.

9.    Now choose RESTORE WITHOUT PRESERVING NEW OR CHANGED FILES and click next to initiate the full system backup. Follow the system prompts to finalize the recovery.


Computer Factory Restoration Process


1.    Press the F11 key when you see the logo in the center of the screen when you power it up. It will take a few moments to engage.

2.    On the welcome screen, in the “I need help immediately” box, choose SYSTEM RECOVERY to begin the restore process.

3.    Next select the RECOVER WITHOUT BACKING UP YOUR FILES option and click next.

4.    To initialize the final restore process, make sure all external devices are removed and click next.

5.    You will then see the progress appear. Follow the remaining prompts to finalize.


Computer Factory Restoration Process 


Power ON the computer and press the “F10” key, then select

“complete restore”.

Computer Factory Restoration Process 


1.    Press and hold the 0 key while powering on the computer. Make sure you use the 0 on the top row instead of the 0 on the right side key pad.

2.    After a few moments, you will see a red warning screen appear. Follow the instructions on the screen to advance to the next part of the restore process.

3.    On the next screen, choose RECOVERY OF FACTORY DEFAULT SOFTWARE RECOVER TO OUT OF BOX STATE and click next.


5.    On the final restore screen, click Next to start the recovery. The process will take several minutes to complete. Follow the system prompts to finalize the recovery.


Computer Factory Restoration Process


Power ON the computer and press the “F4” key while the blue Samsung logo is on the screen.

You will then see a screen that says loading files, then starting Windows and then the Samsung Recovery Solution 5 window will appear. When you see the license info click agree.

Next you will see 3 options – restore, backup, system software – Choose restore.

Next you will see 3 more options – basic restore, complete restore, data restore – choose complete restore.

It will then ask you to choose restore time – make sure computer initial status is selected and then click next.

Next click yes that you want to proceed with the restore.

Once the restore is complete click OK to restart the system.

The system will restart a couple of times and then will stop at the Windows 7 Home Premium setup window. In the middle of this screen is a small box waiting for you to select the language. Highlight my language is English and click next and then go through the rest of the Windows setup.

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