Content Syndication Platform| Back Links

Content Syndication Platform| Back Links

http://influxentrepreneur.infoIn order to be successful in network marketing, you must have a mindset to pursue consistent training a great quote that I follow written by Sol Liebowitz ” Develop a sense of purpose for your life, a focal point for your attention that will keep you moving in one direction no matter how you feel inside or what your mind may tell you. All great musicians, athletes, artists, writers, and business people practice great concentration of purpose”. When you get into the right mindset, when finding a product(s) that you believe in, and want to share with others will become a piece of cake.

Syndication is a means of getting your content out as quickly as possible and getting the back links back to your post, resulting in more sales. Once you have done your research and determined your products and affiliate programs, you need to get your content and product out as many people as possible, and the sooner the better.

Now Your Prepared For Mass Syndication and Back Links

Here’s a couple of tools that I have found to be very effective with syndication content and getting back links to help out with the with the new blog post or news release, that you have created, remember it really has no relevance or serves no purpose if you don’t get it into syndication:

♦ 1. Joining A Tribe ~ A Tribe is a “social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economies, or blood ties” ( You can join free, but for optimal syndication, I would recommend upgrading to plus or pro membership) Make sure you at least join several different tribes within your niche to begin networking with others and to auto syndicate each other. Link your blog directly to several tribes through the RSS Feed, by doing so, once a post is submitted, it is fed directly to the tribes. Just imagine, once you hit the publish button, your content is automatically syndicated multiple times almost instantly. Those members who are auto syndicating your content, will then submit your content to several sites automatically.

♦ 2. Only Wire ~ Be sure to sign up with Only Wire. Only Wire offers the capabilities of auto syndicating your content to over 30 sites with the click of a single button. Spending time to set this up properly will save you much time in the end, your basically setting up automation for your syndication strategies for each account within the system is time consuming, it is only a one time set up. Only Wire is also a component of Tribe Pro with the two joined together are powerful tools for mass syndication.


Syndication For Success

syndicationBeing visible allows your products to be show cased more readily, thus resulting in more leads which leads up to more sales. As your content begins being syndicated through the web, you will begin to gain a more visible presence. If your currently not using this I suggest you do so as soon as possible. Be armed and ready to take your business to the next level.

It is your responsibility to get your content out there for people to find you. If you don’t create content and get your back links then it will be hard for your followers to find your content and what you have to offer. creating valuable content is crucial to your success online.

With the power of Influx Entrepreneur you already have these tools built into our system. For beginners and advanced marketers would gain a lot of insight of the proper way of syndication: Want to learn more click on the link below


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