Creating the Right Business for Yourself – Dexter J. Williams

Creating the Right Business for Yourself – Dexter J. Williams

If you are in the right business you will make a lot of money. Persons have been doing that from the beginning of time. So the main questions are; “Creating the right business for yourself and how do you get into it?” I wish I could answer these questions for you in an instant. They require a little more than just looking into a crystal ball and gesticulating on the exact business for you.

Those questions can be answered in several ways:

1. What do I want to do?

2. What I am capable of doing?

3. What are my passions and interest?

4. Have I been trained to perform a marketable skill?

Ponder upon these questions until you are certain about creating the right business for yourself.

Once that has been done, the second step is to evaluate the viability of your ideas before starting. “Is this a business people would want and pay money for? It’s a lot easier marketing a business people want and need than having a business you have to create a need for the buyers.

In the process of Creating the right business for yourself  it is important to understand that the concept does not have be unique or one of a kind as long as you can determine what it is different you are bringing to the table.

The launch date of your business critical, you want to launch your business when it can stand out from the crowd. Don’t launch around the time when other larger businesses are promoting a product or a campaign – you can get lost during that time and it will require more energy and marketing to get notice. So the timing of the business launch is very important.

Creating the right business for yourself

Take the time to put everything in place. It is necessary for you to do a check list of the things you need to do before launching your business. Studies have shown that if you can properly plan for your business then the chances of you succeeding in it is considerably increased. The biggest mistake most businesses make comes from that of Omission and not Commission. They fail to act on some area of their business. The statistics will tell that as much as 98% of all businesses fail in their first 10 years of operation, not because of finances but because of some area of focus that was not taken into consideration. Learn from other people mistakes, it’s too costly to learn from your own.

Learn to make decisions quickly and thoroughly. The ability to make decisions quickly has been one of the hallmarks of successful business owners. Your decision making process should start with looking yourself in the mirror and being completely honest with yourself and where you are.

Creating the right business for yourself

So the final question to yourself is, “Can you own and operate a successful profitable business?” I’d answer that question by saying “it’s all up to you!” To make it happen, it all depends on what you are willing to give up for it. Don’t say you are willing to give up “everything” because that is not enough. Be specific; determine what sacrifices you are willing to take to make it happen. To build your confidence, start with a Desire, this Desire will feed the Faith/Belief necessary to create the Action to accomplish your set task and that Action will feed your Desire and it continues in a circle. If you have a Desire for something develop the Faith/Belief that is needed and ask yourself what you can do to create the Action needed.

Creating the right business for yourself

Never stop working on yourself and your business will become successful. Grow your self esteem and you can conquer the world.

“Formal education will make you a living but self education will make you a fortune.” Jim Rohn

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