creative writing using a blog network

Creative writing using a blog network is now the fastest growing career and the ability to do it all from home is what many stay at home moms and dads have been waiting for. Back in 2008 when the economy crashed many self employed entrepreneurs found a new way to generate income when jobs took a plunder and people needed income now.

Creative writing using a blog network

Creative writing using a blog network

Work from home business are all over the place but hard to sort our the scam from true work from home careers. Blogging or creative writing from home is the ultimate guarantee. The simplest, fastest and safest way to earn an income from home is to review product or sell them on a blog website using creative writing, researching and dress it up with a few images is a stay at home mom or dads dream.

Becoming or registering as a re-seller of affiliate partner with almost any company or brand is extremely easy. Find something you passionate about and would like to sell and earn a commission for. Look for high tier payouts, Amazon offers tons of products to resell as an affiliate partner. Using your blog website to write around it and or review the products then attach you affiliate link to your new Review/Blog post.

Social media marketing is the most common used marketing strategy today. Focus on growing your social network by asking your readers to follow your social channel be direct and specific. Example you can create 100 reviews on a few products you have pre selected from Amazon and ask your readers using the signature of the blog website to follow you on Google + or Facebook. Focus on one social channel.

Ranking the reviews is simple as pie. If your on a network like this one meaning Influx Entrepreneur you can use the Search Engine Optimization tool provided to you inside the network if not you will need to buy seopressor and install the plugin to your blog network of choice. The check list is easy to follow without having to know or understand SEO, pretty cool right I thought so.

All that is left is to perform a keyword research Google keyword Planner
watch this quick video on Keyword research

Since we are on the subject of search engine optimization why should you want to learn or understand it. You might already know this but I am going to explain it anyways. Everyone that has an internet connection of any sort does a search online. As a creative writer you want your blog website article to get found right? Therefor you want to know based on what you have written what would someone be searching for that is relevant or congruent to your post.  See what google suggested keywords are and sprinkle then around in your written post you are trying to rank for. Thanks it….

Now you want to take things to another level I would recommend getting The Noble Samurai . I have been using this tool as long as I can recall this tool help me understand my competition and get my content found by the right person.

Final technique is listing your post where it matters. I made a video so you can follow along and get your content out there. Keep in mind your content should focus on the problem you are going to solve avoid selling out the door, Lead with information (value) help your reader solve a concern (problem) Earn the trust your reader will return for more information. Last but not least no many buy the first time they meet you so keep Learning, Writing and market your own content via SEO and Social media sharing.

We can cover email marketing another time till then I am glad you took the time to read through this post I am sure it clear a few things up. All I can ask before you leave is to kindly share it and leave me a comment below. Last video to watch enjoy.

What is Creative writing ?

Creative writing is where you can express yourself without prejudice or judgment no reader can spell check you or correct you grammar. No different than an artist painting a picture there are no rules it’s just you with an open imagination to write as you wish and fully express yourself to your hearts contempt. Add picture or not, Capitalize or not. Misspell on purpose just remember this you can always go back and edit your post, never lose sleep or feel you are being judged you are the creative writer everyone else is simple reading your master piece.

Even a bad review will bring you tons of traffic it’s a win win when you take the role of a creative writer that being said if you had any doubt at all you should feel 1000 times better. I can see you smiling every creative writer must feed the brain use this model, Learn it, do it, teach it forward. Being a creative writer means being creative use video and images to express yourself. Hope to see you again my friend keep that smile going 🙂


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Creative writing using a blog network



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