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When you take the time to develop your mind, do you realize the possibilities?

We are powerful beyond measures, as long as we are focused on doing it! When you begin to develop a sense of purpose, you become more focused and concerned about what’s going on around you that is interfering with your business.

We’ve learned while being involved with online marketing, after getting your platform for your business, easy to navigate and use, the only thing you can focus on is providing valuable content!

How can a individual overcome the disadvantage of lack of family support, inadequate training or education, poverty, or poor work values?

We have all gone through our shares of hardships, but the difference between a guru and someone just starting off is that, online marketers were hungry! They had the desire to change there future no matter what the circumstances would be! If you don’t take your business seriously and understand, it represents you, how do you expect to succeed in any business for that matter?

One thing we’ve learned is that, all great athletes, musicians, writers, artists, and business people practice great concentration of purpose. When you develop a sense of purpose for your life, a focal point for your attention that will keep you moving in one direction no matter how you feel inside or what your mind may tell you. Your possibilities are unlimited!

When providing valuable content you not only keep your readers interested, you make them come back for more! Not only because they have began to trust you, but the question of ” What will they write next” will pop into there head. Our goal is to become the answer that your niche is looking for, and by being consistent and taking the time out to learn, you can provide valuable content that will always have your readers come back for more building a trust worthy brand for your self and your blog.

When you have life standing in your way, you have to find the courage to look life in the face and say to yourself I will succeed in life no matter what . I’m Stephanie Richards from Team Influx, and I myself have gone through a lot of obstacles in life that have made me into a stronger woman. I never would have thought that I would be raising two baby girls on my own, giving my circumstances I lost one of my daughters father to gun violence, and the other serving a lot of time in jail (over 40 years) which made me more focused to provide a better future than what I had to my babies. Only being 24 raising two daughters made me realize I need to grow up and pay attention fast!

That’s when I became introduced to online marketing and never looked back.

I’m telling you a little about me so you can realize, you are not alone! You might not have been in my situation but we understand where you are coming! So never look at like in fear of what you can’t do, always develop your mind and realize your possibilities!!!


Stephanie Richards








Stephanie Richards

Team Influx

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