Don't get me wrong – I'm not calling you lazy, nothing like that

I have a very serious question. Where were you six months ago?

What did your business look like? How much were you earning?

Are you sitting in the same seat today, looking at the same screen, doing the
same tasks, working on the same projects?

How about a year ago, or two years?

Maybe you’ve been doing the same things
over and over again for a long period of time? If that’s the case, there’s
no doubt in my mind that the reason your considering this product is that you want
to move forward and develop your business, make your life easier to live, more fun,
and a more fulfilling experience.

Here’s the thing. If you are indeed doing the same tasks as you were six months,
a year or even two years ago, ask yourself why.

A point I want to make here is that it’s a well-known fact that a massive percentage
of purchasers want to make progress and head towards success. That’s why info products
sell so well, otherwise us info product sellers would be out of a work.

It’s also a well known fact that barely 10% (if that) actually ever read the
information or watch any videos never mind the even smaller percentage that actually
take action. There’s even marketing methods that work around such facts, rebates,
guarantees of money back, or even payments if you can prove the methods didn’t work.

Why is that?

I’ll tell you. If you are sitting in the same place you were six months, a year or two
years ago, you are not making progress and acting on the information you have. I
can say that with confidence, because the majority of the books and information
that I picked up from other marketers, even when it’s just for motivation purposes I
know for a fact work, because many teach similar methods that I use and have
used for several years.

There’s only one reason why you’re still here, and if you’re not making progress
it’s because you’re not paying attention and acting on what’s said. Don’t get me
wrong – I’m not calling you lazy, nothing that like.

Sometimes we all get stuck in this loop of never ending work on a particular
project, or keep going at something over and over again because we think it’s
going to make us successful.

So here’s the thing. Stop right now, right this second and look at yourself and
what you’re doing. In fact, do this at the start and end the end of every day. Have
you made progress? If not, you’re doing something wrong, change what you’re

Whoever your marketing role models are, they all have their little sayings and
phrases they’ve conned to keep themselves in check, whether it’s just do it, from
the old Nike ads, Use these phrases, use them for yourself, but whatever you do,
find a good book that contains good information, ditch the stuff that doesn’t work
and get out there and start making progress, preferably today.

That is, unless you want to be in exactly the same position next year. It’s totally
in your hands, and you get only one break at this.

Why not start this second?

90% of other readers won’t, but that’s fine, because it means more profit for you. Get out
there, and grab what you want with both hands.

If you don’t, someone else will.

P.S. This is the one thing that got me going. I had the same in 1999 as I did in
2001 until someone said this to me. TAKE ACTION literally within minutes I
was more efficient, within weeks, I’d totally transformed my business, something
you can do right now.

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