Download Facebook Like Plugin

Facebook Like box Plugin for wordpress free download, This plugin has been updated to work with your version of wordpress simply follow the image below and have fun.

Download the Influxfb like box WordPress Plugin

Step One

Install plugin by logging into your wordpress dashboard then click add new you will be prompted to upload plugin


add wordpress plugin


Step 2

Click on browse then select the file you have downloaded from out site then click install



click browse

Step 3 Active plugin and visit your widget area example below.

add influx fb widget

Step 4

The final step is almost complete all you need to do now is add you facebook fan page url set the size as needed click on save and your done.


influx fb like box

influx fb like box short code You can also use the short codes and add then anywhere you prefer on your website suck as static pages like Home, About me, FAQ, Term, Privacy Etc












influx fb like box live widget



This is how the widget will be displayed on your site keep in mind the banner on your facebook you look

a bit of as facebook as not updated the banner setting as yet to auto resize, Yes facebook dropped the ball Enjoy this simple to use Influx FB Like box WordPress Plugin







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