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As many are seeking the internet to start earning a living working from home writing it getting to be a bit of a challenge for those that have never written or like to write to earn a full time income online. It might seem a bit much for many but, I can tell u first hand its not as hard as you may think it is.

For me, I spend many hours online searching and gathering information about the things I enjoy learning, as a writer we/you understand basic fundamentals such as punctuation’s, grammar,  when to index and break for a new paragraph. I can almost guarantee you this is what holds many back from ever getting started with blogging .

I dislike writing but I enjoy sharing new ideas and knowledge I have learned using the internet. I have been online for many years ranking on pages 1,2 & 3 for top searched for keywords phrases. I would suggest using a simple formula I create (CTL = S) this is broken down like this, Content will bring the Traffic you need to Generate the Leads required to make Sales Online. Sounds simple enough yet many fail to get it done. Excuses or valid reasons why they can or should not move forward for them to earn a living working from home writing full time.

As a full time online writer you must understand you are now a Entrepreneur and you must find the solutions not excuses to move forward in the vision that many are taking advantage of using WordPress as a blog/website foundation.  In November of 2009, we creating a simple website loaded with all the bells and whistles that any online entrepreneur could take full advantage of.

find the solution not the excuse

The website was built with my core needs as a full time entrepreneur/blogger/marketer & mentor. I put in the work so others did not have to worry about coding the perfect site to get the result once the content was created. Now let me get into the details of you will have to do or should understand of starting your blogging career.

As I dive into what you should focus on I want you to be aware of one thing. This is the first stage of getting started with your new found writing profession we call blogging.

As a professional writer I need you not, to focus on making money as much as I need you to, focus on your readers. You should understand that most people are simple and people with a problem are seeking to the Internet (“search engines”) such as Google, Yahoo & Bing to solve a problem they may have.

Interesting right?, So how can YOU help them, gain traffic for this, generate a lead or even make money from writing?

Keep in mind you are the entrepreneur maybe your reader is as well but, this post I am writing is more geared into showing you as the writer how to create the content you need to have the right people find your content and make this a full time career.

As you dive into the understanding of the reader you can flow better with your words as you write. I personally write as if I have the perfect client sitting right in front of me and I am trying to help them with a specific problem for example we are speaking about blogging online full time and getting those bills paid.

Blogging Full Time

So what you have read so far was understanding the mind of the reader and how you can have a very specific reader read your content.

Phase 2 when to start engine optimization

This is also another road block for most new writer as many feel this is beyond there comprehension yet so simple to understand the basics of seo is to understand what you are writing about , problem you are solving then how would you search for it online based of your written work.

Next we make sure our title is congruent with our written content and everything flows the way we like it. Keep in mind there is no such thing as the grammar police and you won’t lose points for a spelling error or missed punctuation. If you want to check your work you can write everything on a word document as Microsoft is pretty good fixing errors.

The title you have selected should be search friendly meaning ask the question,

“would you search for it the way you wrote it?”

Now the title is what I call keywords I love writing long titles about 7 words longs now it’s time to play the game of scrabble. I need you you to shuffle all your words in your title and make as many new titles allowed
examplelet’s use this post as an example:
How to make a living writing full time online
How to make a living online
How to start writing full time
Writing full time online
Make a living writing
Full time online make a living writing

Phase 3 the game of keyword scrabble

Using the title and new words we created using our scrabble game it’s time to add more content with them and sprinkle them around our already pre-written blog post/article / news article or website by the way did you know every time you write a blog post it a new website.
scrabble titles
Ideal count for a post can be anywhere from 600 and more words if you are following my madness I know you have written well over 600 without giving it a second thought. If not don’t panic or give all this means you not learning and or reading to expand your knowledge of selected topic. Or you might be too busy trying to figure out when you can start making making money and making money fast.

I don’t to bust your bubble but I hope you understand your building business not a new lottery game. So put the work in and remain focused.

Phase 4 making you post eye friendly

Now one likes to read fine print or a bunch of word stuffed together keep you font between 12 – 14 font size make sure you tick with a black font color or a color that can be easy to read based on your website style example black background would get white font, white background would get a black font.

Keep your paragraphs around 3 – 4 sentences long don’t make your written work look intimidating. Every 3 paragraphs add a picture that can give your reader a visual of that section if you get a bit flustered take a few words and google them then select images so you can get an idea and pick the one you feel best describes that paragraph.

You can also add a video you created and or MP3 audio file narrated by you for download as many love listening to pod-casting shows online.

Phase 5 double checking your written work

detectiveWith search engine optimization there are a few things we should understand about the search engine and how it works. Title, in url, 1st sentence , last sentence, bold, italicized, underlined, no follow. As I mention before when I build the influx entrepreneur network I built for me as I like doing things fast and easy . Once our content is written we have a section that will check if you did all the steps correctly in regards to SEO. This is what I call cool 🙂

If you are working in your own blog platform such as wordpress, weebly, blogger or wix, you should invest into plugin that can offer you the same options to increase your search results. I have found plugins that get the job done for about $500 just for one plugin so keep that in mind.

Note: not all platforms will allow you to add this plugin.

Before you publish your wonderful well written post triple check the work one last time and read it again make sure it flows and you understand everything you wrote but understand it from a readers perspective not your own.

Don’t be a critic as you will judge yourself far worse that needed. Just make sure it flows and you are happy with the end written project. Promise you will be writing many many more post as you are going to make this a full time career for yourself. The amount or written blog can’t be determined but I found after 300 you do see results, meaning traffic , leads and even sales. If you focus on reading & learning daily the words will come out naturally.


Once you completed this step its time to market your work this we will cover on another post. You may also be interested in learning more about our platform even join the network. Influx Entrepreneur focuses with Online Business, Entrepreneurs & Artist of all niches.  Our goal is provide the highest level of service for each client and new Entrepreneurs as we understand it’s not easy getting started especially without a road map.

Take a peak Influx Entrepreneur or give us a call 718-569-7317

You can also watch a cool video I created for you

And remember this,
Earning A Living Working From Home Writing Is no longer impossible

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