How To Add A Facebook Widget To The Side Bar With Your WordPress

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I recently found out that Facebook has made a few changes to their site and one of which is the Facebook Fan Page Like Box / Facebook Fan Page Like Button. This change affects or will affect your Facebook Widget to the side bar within your WordPress. Apparently and according to Facebook, the “Like Box” plugin is deprecated and will stop working on June 23, 2015. Please refer to the “Facebook Fan Page” snap shot message below:
Hence, I suggest you make the necessary change to your Facebook Fan Page plugin, on your WordPress Dashboard under the Widget Side Bar, located in appearance. The snap shots provided below, will show you step-by-step how to make the change to your Facebook Fan Page Like Box settings.

Step 1:
Login to your Facebook Account (make sure it is the FB that you are using on your WordPress Blog Site).

Step 2:
Go to your WordPress Dashboard – I am using my “Influx Entrepreneur WordPress Dashboard” as an example.

  • Click on Appearance
  • Select Widget
  • Hold and drag your “Text Box” or in my case, your “Easy Facebook Like Box” to your right, over to the sidebar located under the OptimizePress Sidebar Search.

Step 3:
Enter your information such as:

  • Widget Title
  • Facebook Page URL
  • Width (must be between 250-280 wide)
  • Height (400 height is good enough)
  • Check the “Show Faces” box
  • Save the information

Please refer to the image below, as and example:

Step 4:
After saving the information, your sidebar should look something like what is being shown in the snap shot below:

Step 5:
Your Facebook Fan Page is now integrated with your WordPress. Please refer to the snap shots shown below:

FB Page Integration

If you do not understand my step-by-step guide, then the video tutorial of “How To Add A Facebook Widget To The Side Bar With Your WordPress” is provided.

For The Video Tutorial (press HD for a better quality)
Click On The Button Below:

How Is The Facebook Fan Page

Like Box Change, Benefit You?

Having your Facebook Fan Page added to your WordPress Blog Site (that is considered your social media), is one out of the many ways for your, readers, customers, and potential customers to find your blogs / business to know what you are offering. With Facebook being the largest social network, majority of the people using it, either for private or business matter. The Facebook Fan Page is used, mainly by people advertising their online business or businesses with hope of getting customers and traffic to their Website.

Facebook Fan Page Review

I like the new way of how to integrate the “Facebook Fan Page Widget To The Side Bar With Your WordPress”. It is much simpler for anyone to understand, than doing it this way. Judging from the Facebook Fan Page Like Box message, you only have few days to integrate your Facebook Fan Page to your WordPress Blog Site, therefore, I would advise that you make the change, Facebook Fan Page Like Box plugin on your WordPress Blog Site – Hence, you only have until June 22, 2015 , before Facebook Fan Page Like Box plugin settings take effect on, June 23, 2015. As online marketers, we all need to keep up-to-date with technologies as they change. Do not be the one to get left behind, when the change is made to the Facebook Fan Page Like Box plugin.