Creating A Targeted Keyword List

Creating A Targeted Keyword List
Understanding What A keyword Is
And Means To Readers & SEO

Creating A Targeted Keyword List By Tracking seo keywords left behind on blogs, comments and social media. One of the biggest SEO known to all internet gurus. Read carefully as the answers are hidden with the post below. Watch the video, bookmark this post as you can reference to it when you need it again

Creating A Targeted Keyword

SEO Provides The Traffic
~ It need to convert
~ It Needs To Attract the right people
~ It needs to make money
What is your ideal prospect what do they want, how can the information being provided help them in there current problem.

Targeted Keyword List Create a targeted keyword list based
~ What you know about your market
~ Your Experiences as someone on that market
~ Conversations in that market
~ Social media feeds & comments are all important it's like Clark Kent from super man the reporter that has to get all the facts take down some notes, visit other blogger see what they are writing about but most important pay attention to the comments. The comments from active blogger is where the action is.

Leaving comments as well will improve your backlinks with other webmaster and position yourself as a professional in the market place. I love WordPress and I am always looking for a new plugin or theme to integrate into my network at Influx Entrepreneur. Being the professional I enjoy leaving feedback's and comments on plugins and themes. its very rewarding for me when get personal messages on Facebook requesting some additional help.

Create Content for each of those keywords
EX. Written, Video, Audio, Images

Once you did you research and left some breadcrumbs on the internet by commenting where needed you can now start creating articles on upload videos to YouTube and vimeo let's not forget facebook notes as it's a trending blog on one of the biggest social platform today.

Content for seo & readersCreating A Targeted Keyword List

Creating optimized content for seo (Gets Traffic)
Search Engine optimization also known as (SEO) is important to get found by your new readers and ranked on the search engine so others can read and find your content, But..

No one like to read a bunch of gibberish that makes no sense including one the the biggest search engines around Google. there bots are trained to study duplicate content and keyword stuff articles. I would recommend stay as original as you can even Google bots love a good read. Creating A Targeted Keyword List will help you create more content the look good.

Creating written content for your readers (conversation)
blog readers as you may already guess love reading content by experienced readers sign up to your rss feed right from Google and bookmark good content.

I know it's been a while but there was a time a good book was handy to sit back and relax, With paperback books almost extinct. you can still read a good book using a tablet or kindle. It's more interactive when reading a good blogger as many create WordPress authors use images and video to tell a good story

Content being created for both seo & readers!
This is again where Creating A Targeted Keyword List will help you create the content needed to engage better with your readers.

Content keyword 3rd Low tier, 2nd Medium tier , 1st High tier

1st High Tier Keywords
~ Keywords with higher traffic are harder to get ranked if your just getting started.
~ Requires excellent written content by the author with some strong backlinks
~ Remember to always be Creating A Targeted Keyword List you never know when you will need it

2nd & 3rd Tier keywords
~ Keywords with lower traffic are not as hard requires little effort to get ranked
~ Easier to rank without being as well written
~ Remember to always be Creating A Targeted Keyword List you never know when you will need it

Creating A Targeted Keyword List

It's really simple to Creating A Targeted Keyword List when you do a bit of research using the Google Keyword Planner. This can take you a few mins if you followed the steps provided above already
Creating A Targeted Keyword List is selecting a bunch of words related to the search term term then adding some words before or after the keyword.

Other good nugget to remember is when Creating A Targeted Keyword List you wan tto save them to a notepad for future reference Creating A Targeted Keyword List will be most profitable if saved correctly on your computer or notes.

A true online Entrepreneur is always Creating A Targeted Keyword List for every niche. you just never know who or what the person seeking information will type into the search engine. Take a look at the example below as I provided a screen of Google keyword tool
Creating A Targeted Keyword List

Creating A Targeted Keyword List Research Using The Google Planner

Once you do a simple search using the Google keyword planner you will find very quickly it's very simple to create your personal keyword list for your product or service. Product launches and new online companies is one of the fastest way to build a buys list.

Product launches are simple and pain the work is already being done by the creator and top affiliates all you now have to do is create the content around the product then become an affiliate to benefit from the affiliate commissions

New online companies are also simple there are no related keyword search terms in Google as yet, Meaning no competition, you now have the cutting edge in getting fast sales by positioning yourself on top of the search engines.

let's watch a video together as I put together a clear to understand video to summarize the post today
I really hope you have enjoyed today's read and welcome you back anytime don't forget to get our update using the rss reader built into the website rss reader

Now if you're looking to become a writer or start a business from home you should really looking what we have, We been creating content for years and helping new entrepreneurs start one as well. I recommend affiliate marketing as there is not much to create since the product is already create and affiliates get paid by selling it.

we are all creative & have something of value to share, it's cool when you can write about child care, healthcare, or even what you will e learning here affiliate marketing and how to rank on the search engines. From my point of view I run my online business like a regular job. I show up to work everyday to give it my best without any excuses.

I also started while still being employed. Sooner than later I started to earn more online and also found myself on the computer even when i was sick cause I fell in love it. you will soon see how addictive it can be especially when you have such a loyal following. Get involved you won't regret it.

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Remember to always be Creating A Targeted Keyword List you never know when you will need it

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