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It’s true social media is hot but take a closer look at what’s really trending and that’s blogging, the new media stream in sharing information on a private network call blogging. If you are paying attention even in the longest running soap opera Young and the restless also known as a novela.  They reference to websites and blogging as a business. We all know Beyonce she also has a trending website build on a blog network.

So how can you get paid for blogging your asking?
Lets dive into it. Huge companies are paying top dollar for traffic and blog networks are getting it. regular people are joining the trend, everything you search for these day are created on a blog network of some sort you might not even noticed. old school 10 page html website pages are a thing of the past blogs have taken over. you can’t even tell anymore you are on a blog unless you look at the code. Companies such as MSN and UPS are also on a blog network but you think you are on a website and to be fair it’s the same thing.

Marketing correctly
Huge companies like Macys, Amazon, Guess, Tommy, Timberland and 1000’s more are leveraging the blog/website to boost profits the there company. The power of social sharing and social networking empower facebook ads and google ppc to target huge markets and social circles using cookies to collect our data and buying habits from visited websites. By creating a website/blog for yourself you can share anything from family cooking recipes, fishing logs, DYI fixers, Medial Advice, Legal Advice, home remedies and so much more the ideas are endless.

Google has recognizes website/blogs are trending and therefore ranking them on the top of search results for customer searching the web to a solution to a problem . I myself use a website/blog to share information to those looking for an answer as well. With youtube about to be the #1 search provider it’s makes have a website/blog a dream come true for any home maker or stay at home mom/dad. youtube can easily be integrated into and website/blog without having to hire a programmer. the cost of the network are as well very inexpensive for a simple website/blog.

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Now if you starting a online business venture it get even better. As mentioned before the search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Bing , Safari and many others are seeking the best content to feed the customers people like you and me to find good valuable information to serve our needs. Online business ventures are booming faster than you can blink there is always a new app, browser extension, or social media game that is hot. Using the blog/website help new online businesses and developers to promote there ideas, games & apps to potential customers. this is easy done by building the blog website then writing reviews about there business on there website. traffic and social buzz starts to pick up and Social platforms increase with new friends.

Blog websites have something call widgets where you can like and share using your social platform of choice. This allows you to become the promoter for something cool and once your inner social circle gets there hands on it the new company app or idea wither blows up or dies.

Blog websites from my point of few and niche provides me the ability to learn and share my knowledge to the world with having to worry about where the traffic will come from since it’s online world wide. the focus for myself and any business I may promote now or in the future is it’s all located in one place almost like a store on time square where it’s open 24/7 365 days without having to pay for rent,water or hire employees to open and close the store for me.

I decided to resell & promote affiliate offers from many niches as of today i have over 3263 affiliate companies i promote form using my website. I write reviews about them add my affiliate link to the review and hit publish, share to my social circle and move on to the next subject. Nothing really to monitor unless you are a SEO freak and need to know all your stats every second of the day.

set & forget

I personally don’t care much for stats and prefer to ramble like this. My reader enjoy the content and if they wish to buy anything from they know they have gotten an honest without the hype review about the product before buying. many reach out on facebook and chat with me at times. it’s cool to meet so many people without having to dress up and impress anyone or waste time greeting people.

Shoppers are out there and in sales the last thing you want to hear from a customer is I’m Just looking lol, The blog websites sits live all day without any maintenance so its easy to Get Paid For Writing. the crazy part i never liked writing but I love sharing thing I knew.  this is what Blogging or blog website can do for you and this is how you can make money from writing.

Find an affiliate product to resell, like this one is called Influx Blog Network where they pay out $500 weekly per sale. Who needs a job after that the rest is all about passion and doing what you love.  I love spending time with my 5 kids hanging out by the pool waking up whenever, doing whatever, dressing however. My kids love and hate, hate when I am writing and love it when I am with them. Hope you enjoyed this time with me and cleared up any questions you may have about blogging or a blog website

If you would like to be apart of the same network it’s simple all you would have to do is click on the link and create your account like it did.  Yes I Want To Create My Blog Website

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Get Paid For Writing |What Is Blogging or blog website

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