Gmail Tutorial Part1



Gmail Tutorial  Part 1

Hello everyone Stephanie Richards here, and today I’m gonna show you how you can create a gmail account
so that you can set up different accounts such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter
whatever you want, in order to set up these account’s you have to have an email
so this is strictly for people just starting off, I don’t want advanced people this is
isn’t for your critique or anything of that sort
if you’re just starting I you have no idea
on where to begin, I’m going to literally
breakdown what you have to do, to get a gmail

Gmail Tutorial Part1

So first let me sign out,when you go to which is right here, it will bring you to this home page,now let’s say you want to get a Google gmail or email account you will simply push the sign in button at the top, now I have a lot of accounts so that’s why that popped up, it will bring you here to the sign in form in order to create an account you scroll down and you look for create an account here it will bring you to this page where you will fill in your information and I’ll take you to the next step, which is verifying that you are a real person and taking you through the process, so this is a quick video showing you exactly where to go in order to create a Google account, if you want to learn more just tam up with us

Team Influx!!!!
The information is below the video

Gmail Tutorial Part1

Enjoy the video, that will show you exactly what to look for….



Now that you have an understanding of why creating an email is valuable to creating any account, you can move forward and find the right team for you to create your account with and get started with enjoying you gmail.


Love To Learn,







Stephanie Richards

Influx Entrepreneur

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this quick video on how to set up your gmail.

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