Gmail Tutorial Part3



Gmail Tutorial Part3

 Hello everyone Stephanie Richards here, and in this training I’m going to show you how you can add, a profile picture and get everything set up. So we made an account which I showed you in the last video, and if you don’t know just go through my Gmail tutorial training, and in this video I want to show you, how you can add a photo. So once you set up the account and you push next this is what will happen you go to add a photo you can either select a photo, let me go back, it gives you the option of upload a photo or take a picture right then and there from your webcam. Now if you look presentable, I say go ahead and do it (LoL) but you have a nice picture of your self that you would like to put on there, then you can go to select from your computer you find a picture that you like which I’m gonna choose right here.
Within your computer and then it’s going to upload, when it uploads you get to size it to what ever size you want it to be, and then push set as profile photo so now when people come to your email, this is the picture that will appear which is awesome (LOL) now you’re in your new email so when you go to Google+ what it’ll do is ask you to join Google+ you set up in email but now you have to actually join Google+ In order for you to have a Google+ account and to set up for people to find you, so you enter your name your gender in your birthday but usually Google+ will already have that set up for you and you simply push upgrade when you push upgrade its going to load and it’s going to ask you to get started.


Gmail Tutorial Part3

So it will say add people you know and giving that I am a marketer I’m going to follow me mentor who is Hector Guerrero, there he goes now when gmailyou push add do you see the option that, I haven’t even pushed it but when you hover over it this option will appear, you can either add him as a friend family acquaintance or following or you can create a new circle and call it whatever you wanna call it and put him in that circle but for now I’m gonna put Hector ask following so this is what happens when you add someone, you can share with them and see what they’re sharing when you know it breaks down every little thing to simply push okay I got it and you’re following you can follow as many people as you want you know if you targeting a certain niche you can follow just those people it is up to you I and also gives you different choices on who you can follow.

Fashion and beauty, food and drinks, science and nature, politics, technology, music and I love music so I am going to follow that (LoL), and from there you push continuing and then it says put a face to your name which you already did select your profile picture but now you need to add your information, so you can put your information, as far as where you worked which I’m going to do, and your job title and continue to add all your information this is, what it will look like, so I’m gonna push finish the more information you put the more information that will be down here and I’ll push finish, and there you go now your profile is setup, you’re all set with Google+ if you notice it gives you a list of options on your left hand side your home your profile you can change a picture if you need to what’s hot communities events you can do a Google hangout and that is very very good but that’s a whole other training (LoL), so it will ask you to learn more, stay in touch with just the right people who enjoy video calls enhance back up here photos automatically it just gives you different stuff that you can navigate yourself around Google its all up to what you want to do and how you wanna do it when you noticed this little 3 or is 3 right now because I just started but if you notice what I hovered over it says 3 unread notifications, so any time you have notifications you’ll see a little red with what however many notifications you have highlighted once you push it says welcome to google make a great impression and celebrity suggestions this is a quick quick video just let you know how you can set up your Google Plus profile with your Google email and get started right away if you want to learn more just team up with us Team Influx.


Gmail Tutorial Part3

Now that you understand how to create a gmail here is a video to show you exactly what I am talking about. Enjoy the video below and follow along if you need to.




Love To Learn






Stephanie Richards

Influx Entrepreneur

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this video on how to create a gmail.

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