To Get What You Want Help Others Get What They Want

help others get what they want

“To Get What You Want Help Others Get What They Want” written by Mike Marko.

Are you struggling to get what you want?

Maybe you have a business, but you are not getting the return you expected?

I was there… I know what it is like to spend hours on our business with little to show for it.

That was… until I learned the secret.

Today we’ll be talking about that secret, and how important it is to help others get what they want in order to get what you want.

Help Others Get What They Want

In the following video Bren and I talk about why you need to help others get what they want.

Last night, we had the amazing opportunity to interview Greg Reid along with his wife, Allyn Reid.  It was an amazing opportunity for us.

Who are Greg Reid and Allyn Reid

Bestselling Author, Acclaimed Speaker, Filmmaker and Entrepreneur Greg Reid will be joining us along with his wife Allyn Reid who is an entrepreneur, co-founder of Sherpa Press and Mrs. San Diego 2015!

Greg Reid has published over 45 books including “Three Feet From Gold” and “Stickability” (If you’re a Naporleon Hill fan his books are based on the principles outlined in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich) He has 28 best selling books five motion pictures, and featured in countless magazines, Greg will share that the most valuable lessons we learn, are also the easiest ones to apply.

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Why You Need to Help Others Get What They Want

There are so many reasons why it is necessary to help others get what they want in order to get what you want.  Some of these reasons are because:

  • When you give to people, they have a natural feeling of obligation to give back
  • Giving is a way to build trust
  • By building the good will of when you help others get what they want, there is a very good possibility that they will tell others about you… and you start building a following or client list
  • The universe evens things out… when you give of yourself you will be rewarded in some way (often unanticipated) in the future
  • Giving makes us feel good, and that feel of good attracts more possible clients and customers to us.

Final Thoughts

So take the time and help others get what they want, even if the immediate benefit cannot be seen.  By focusing on being a servant to others you will be rewarded by the law of reciprocity.



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To Get What You Want Help Others Get What They Want - Mike Marko

Author: Mike Marko
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Article: To Get What You Want Help Others Get What They Want

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