How can I market or promote my WordPress blog website

By far the most common question , how can you promote a blog or website these days?  So before you read the rest of this blog post please understand this will answer the question  I had when I started blogging. “How can I market or promote my WordPress blog website”

Let’s be honest most bloggers hate writing blog, funny but true. Everyone has this notion of making money online using the most common practice around of thr blogging system. CMS WordPress Platform. Sure it works and most big companies use WordPress to create their website simply to have a website “not to make make money”

Before I tell you the simple way to promote a WordPress blog website you have to understand the platform, you didn’t think I was going to tell you Copy paste and bang you was going to get traffic right?  Alright I almost though that’s what you wanted glad to see you are still reading cause it’s going to get real intense I hope you have your coffee ready.

Option 1 Best option: Fast and Easy way to get you site up and going within Seconds

How to get your WordPress website set up Today. Option one the quick and easy way you get WordPress with $1500 of plugin options by simply going to WordPress Blog Website   here is a simply solution since you don’t have to set up servers, buy a domain or get hosting for it.

Option 2 a bit technical: But worth it this method give you 100% full control of your website

The option for a WordPress website is to visit and download the latest copy, Next you have to get hosting I prefer using you can add this coupon code for HostGator <  wordpresssetup > and get 25% off.  Once you completed the hosting you can install wordpress Here is a video on How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Next is Getting a domain name from GoDaddy .  Here is another video to explain hot to make the DNS name server change for your domain

Nice You have now set up you first website.

Keep in mind if you selected option 1 you should be done and now it’s time to set up your banner and start marketing, nothing else to read if not keep reading

If you selected option 2 you have to find a theme that works for you install it and find the plugin that will work best for you

A simple theme that works real nice and mobile friendly is the theme I am currently using this theme offer so many option for business owners, Webmaster and Home Business Entrepreneurs. The cool options this theme offers is Cool optin pages this is a page where a visitor will have to provide an email to get more info. A membership portal where you can sell and offer training services like some of the most popular training platforms around, Example: Mlsp, Empower Network, Influx Entrepreneur

You can see more about the all-in-one theme and buy it here

WordPress recommend Plugins coming soon!

Next important part of setting up you website is
Webmaster tools and integrate them to your hosting

1- Getting Started Checklist – Bing Webmaster Tools

2- Verify your site ownership with Google

I think you got the hint, using webmaster tool for every search engine possible, Google, Ask, Bing, Msn, Yahoo the list goes on and on. this is by far the step everyone skips then wonder why they can’t be found on the search engine.

Now here is a big one Get an account with and set up your new website and all future website here.

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