How To Add A Hyperlink With WordPress



Hyper LinkHow To Add A Hyper Link

Learn how to add a hyper link is very simple and easy once you understand what you are doing. Within this video I will show you exactly where to look in order to add a hyper link to your site. Hyper links gives you the ability to link a word, or a group of words to another page or post on your site, or any other site that you would like to share.



How To Add A Hyper Link

Learning how to add a hyper link to your site is simple once you understand what a hyper link represents. In order to create a hyper link you must:

  1. Highlight the word from the visual editor.
  2. Click edit link icon in toolbar.
  3. Enter the URL you would like to link to by typing the link in, or copying and pasting.
  4. Enter the title you would like to call the link to give your readers more information on the link they are about to click on.
  5. Check the box that says “open link in new tab”
  6. Click “add link”
  7. Your all done


How To Add A Hyper Link

Now that you have learned how to add a hyper link, your ready to continue creating valuable content for your readers. Now that you are a little more advanced you can make your blog/post more interesting making your readers stay longer, and wanting to come back for more. Keeping your readers engaged will make you a reliable source.



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