How To Add A Video Within Your WordPress Website



How To Add A Video Within Your WordPress Website

How to add a video within your WordPress sight is a simple task to do. Learning how to operate through the back end off your WordPress site dashboard can seem challenging at times, but after watching this video that question should no longer be on your checklist. Learning how to add a video to your blog/post is vital to driving traffic, people learn and communicate through a lot of ways a actually hearing someone speak or seeing your face can make a difference on how many people will listen and learning how to add a video and getting your message out there for everyone to hear, will help the search engines discover your content better. People learn in all shapes and forms, getting your message across is the task you have to solve.


How To Add A Video Within Your WordPress Website

How to add a video within your WordPress blog is simple:

  1. Create A New Post.
  2. Click On “Influx Video Player”
  3. Name The Video That You Want To Add
  4. Upload The Video By Adding The URL, Or Embedding The Video
  5. Click On “Insert”
  6. Your Done

Simple right…don’t wait do it your self now, so you won’t look back and say if only I had started back then. If you can take the time out to read this blog, then you can take the time out to create valuable content for your readers through a video. The hardest part about getting started online is creating the first video/blog. Once you over come the hump asking yourself over and over again is this good enough to be published, then nothing else can stand in your way.

Being involved with online marketing now for over five years I have learned a lot, that has made me become a better marketer but I had to learn through my mistakes, and I didn’t get it right until I actually tried to create content, or create my first video. After realizing that I had to create something in order to become better, I fell in love with making valuable content that is how you came across this video in how to add a video within WordPress.


How To Add A Video Within Your WordPress Website

Now that you understand how to add a video within your WordPress blog, you can get to work and start creating valuable content for your followers to read, and make them want to come back for more and spread the word for others to come to your site as a reliable source of information. Become a household brand name that everyone wants to use and get. With this video you should no longer be asking the question of how to add a video within WordPress, one thing off your checklist now get started and learn as much as you can.



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Stephanie Richards

Influx Entrepreneur

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this, on how to add a video.


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