How to add rel=nofollow to a Influx Entrepreneur WordPress

Every Step you need to complete rel=nofollow

How to add rel=nofollow to a Influx Entrepreneur WordPress Blog a question many team members and WordPress users have when creating a WordPress blog post. This question has been raised up due the the Google SEO algorithm and Search Engine optimization blog rules. Adding rel=nofollow to a post or page is very easy to accomplish but the understanding of rel=nofollow as been overlooked by bloggers

Understanding this method of organic seo using rel=nofollow will increase you organic site traffic and increase new customer website visitors. What this means for active blogger is more possible  leads and sales to a potential offer they might be providing or selling. Organic seo is a great source of traffic especially when you don’t have to pay for it. most people pay over $10.00 per click to get found on the first page of Google for the simple fact they don’t understand organic seo.

Seo techniques is simply just that. Keyword over-stuffing and using unrelated methods to rank for a specific topic will hurt your overall site performance as Google sends out bots to read you post and website. Seo techniques should only be used by those blogger that truly have great content and just need the skills to set them apart for all the rest. The Seo techniques are as follows.

example of rel=nofollow

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Basic Seo Techniques

  1. Make sure your supported keyword has H1, H2, H3
  2. Make sure your Keyword is Bold at least 2 x
  3. Make sure your keyword has been underlined
  4. Make sure your keyword has been Italicize
  5. Make sure you have an imaged titled as the Keyword
  6. Make sure you have an ALT text in the Image
  7. Make sure you are linking to another blog post
  8. Make sure you have rel=nofollow on all external links
  9. Start you blog with the keyword selected
  10. End your blog with the keyword selected

Some take always when trying to seo your blog is to use plugins if you are using WordPress Like WordPress Plugins by Yoast  or SEOPRESSOR   here are some great plugins to optimize your WordPress blog for great organic seo results.seo rel=nofollow

Adding seo nofollow to a blog image is also easy when using the Influx Entrepreneur is also very easy. We have integrated this option to our platform to ensure best customer retention when blogging seo nofollow should not be hard we are all here to create great content and get content found on the internet. Most of my customer and blogger are all Online Internet Entrepreneurs, we are all creating reviews about other companies, software and tools we use on a day to day basis. We have found that creating content based product and business reviews was much easier to do and incredibly easy to rank on the internet.

Here is a perfect example on how we can use the ALT image text and nofollow using the Influx Entrepreneur Blogging platform. here is a platform was was designed to simply your learning curve and help customers focus on what really matter. We Focus on ensure the technical skills are to a bare minimum so you can focus in what really matters “CONTENT CREATION” without this your are pretty much dead in the water with out any sort of direction and will loose the option in getting traffic to your blog website.

My Secret Weapon and it NOT rel=nofollow

The secret in getting traffic is simply to create a good quality blog with a focus keyword in mind. Ensure you have done a proper keyword research using Google Keyword Planner and finalize the possibilities of your page ever ranking for that keyword using a final tool I love to use being market Samurai

Noble Samurai rel=nofollow


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