How To Brand A Company – Part 2

How to Brand a Company II

Welcome back to the “How To Brand a Company” Series”

Todays 2nd post will cover step 3 & 4, all the aspects of choosing a strong winning brand name.

(Read about Step 1 & 2 here)

Choosing a name is an important piece of building a brand, not the most important piece on How To Brand a Company, but well worth thinking through.

Especially if you are an Online Network Marketer


#3 Choose a Brand Name

So how do you create a winning business name? Get your family, friends and/or colleagues together for a business name brainstorming session and work through these important five rules for choosing a brand name:

(Very important step in How To Brand A Company Series)

What’s a winning business name? A business name that draws business in itself.

1) A winning Brand name has to be memorable – easy to spell & pronounce.

Your audience and clients need to be able to remember your brand name, they also need to be able to spell & pronounce it if they are searching for it online. Choosing a brand name such as “Khawaljwen” is a bad idea. Unique is good but difficult spellings are bad. Keep it simple but unique. I know, it’s easier said than done. All the more reason to give it some thought.

2) A winning brand name needs a visual element.

What did you think about reading “Khawaljwen”? Anything?  Most of you out there did not visualize anything when you read the brand name I invented. Generally we are hard-weird to “see” images when we read or hear language. To incorporate a visual element into your brand name can be very powerful; it sticks to your audience’s memory. After some time, it becomes the identity and connection relating to your brand automatically.



So you need you brand name to have a strong visual element to it. The catch is that…

3) A winning brand name has to have positive connotation.

Many words have denotation (literal meaning) and connotation (emotional meaning). A word’s connotation can be positive, neutral or negative, depending on the emotional associations people generally make. Let’s look at what that means. A classic example it the difference between “Mom” (with a positive connotation) and “Mother” (with a neutral connotation) Now you know why they called them “Dad’s” cookies, rather than Father’s”! Do you hear and feel the difference? Yeah I’m sure you do.

This means that when you create your brand name, you need to choose words with positive connotations that you want people to associate with you and your brand – make sure these connotations are suitable & relevant to your business.

If your business is a trucking business, you don’t want a weak sounding negative name, such as “Willow Pillow Trucking” or “Kitten Transport”. You want a name that conveys strength and reliability such as “Stone Creek Trucking”. Did you notice how all these names have strong visual elements in it!? Yeah I’m sure you did.

4) A winning brand name needs to be informative about what your business does.

Chances that your business is going to become an international brand are small, at least during the start-up year. It certainly isn’t instantly going to become as well known as Nike. So you need to make sure that your brand name gives your audience or clients a clear idea about what you actually do. Most hair styling business includes words such as “Salon” or “hair design” in their names.

Including information about what your business does makes it easier for your potential target audience and clients to find your business. (both online and offline)

5) A winning brand name has to be fairly short.

You want your audience to remember your brand name and be able to tell others what it is. But it is also important from a promotional perspective purpose. You want your brand name to fit and look good displayed on a business card, on a sign or in an add Most importantly your brand name needs to serve well as a domain name that shows up in online searches. Keep it as short as possible.

#4 Create a Logo

Your logo will be the visual image of your company; your logo will be used in a variety of applications. When you are considering and looking for a design, keep it simple. Many of the best logos are one color. Considering you are in a start up phase, keeping it simple choosing one color will save you a lot of money.

Colors are an important component of your brand logo and other promotion materials such as your web site. Colors have a strong emotional association. Red, for instance, is an aggressive color, its fiery elements are associated with speed, excitement and passion while green is calming and associated with growth, renewal and nature.

Create at least two winning brand names, because once you have chosen your brand name, it’s time to register it and your first choice may already be taken.

Now you know How to create a brand and How to Brand a Company. Hopefully you’ll be living with your brand name for a long time and continue to attract new business to it.

My Bonus tip for you!

Considering this process will take some time, my recommendations would be not to further delay you getting started with your business. Getting started now will give you a chance to get a much wider and deeper understanding of How To Brand a Company to eventaully take well informed decisions on How to Brand Yourself.

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