How To Brand A Company – Part 3

How To Brand A Company III

Welcome back to the 3rd post in the “How To Brand A Company” Series

We have come to the two final steps in the process of how to brand a company. If you have followed the previos steps

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you are much more aware of where you should put your efforts to get maximum effect building your brand, ensuring you customer loyaloty, returning with more business and promoting your brand as an easy and safe choice of business.

#5 List  all your Touch Points

Whenever you touch a customer or a prospect, you should feel your brand breathing, this way your customers will feel your brand. This includes your environment, how your phone is answered. Your brand is a sum of you; infuse as many contact areas as possible with your brand essence or DNA.

Your customers/prospects experience your brand in numerous ways: marketing, packaging, price, sales approach, etc. each of these contacts or touch points mold their impression of your brand. Some touch points are obvious, like product performance, and one on one customer interactions.

Your brand image created expectations. It defines who you are, how you are different from your competitors and how you operate. The essence your brand image promises must be kept.

If your brand is a promise you make, then the customer experience if the fulfilling of that promise. Customer experience can’t be left to chance. You must be actively designing and controlling your customer experience in a manner that enhances your brand image. You must consistently reinforce your brand promise across every customer touch point, or the value of your brand will be at risk

Here are five easy steps in how to brand a company, building a strong brand and an optimized customer experience.

#1. Identify your reasons-to-believe.

Your brand promise is irrelevant if your customers do not believe it. Your promise must be supported by reasons-to believe. The reasons will add substance to your brand promise and define their expectations.

A car manufacturer promises potential customers that car XYZ is an “intelligent choice for serious drivers” Why should the customer believe this promise, what makes it and intelligent choice?

The manufacturer frames this promise with two reasons-to-believe…safety and sporty performance. The two reasons in essence define “intelligent choice” and sets the customer expectations. They give the company specific directions for designing the customer experience through tangible customer touch points such as design features, sales approach, marketing campaigns and customer service activites.

#2. Identify customer touch points.

Every individual step in how to brand a company process contains a number of touch points when your customer comes in contact with you brand. Your ultimate goal is to have these touch points reinforcing and fulfilling your marketplace promise.

Let’s walk through your commercial processes. How do you generate customer demand? How are products sold? How do your customers use your products? How do you provide after sales support?

This comprehensive trace of your marketing, selling and servicing process allows you to create a touch point map defining your customers experience with your brand.

#3. Determine the most influential touch points.

Touch points are not created equal. Some will naturally play a larger role in determining your customer’s overall experience. If your product is chocolate, taste is more important than package design. Both are touch points, but they have different effects on your customers experience as a whole.

Determining touch points driving your customers’ overall experience you can use a wide array of techniques. The methods you use will depend on the complexity of your products, commercial processes, and your existing knowledge base.

#4. Design the optimal experience.

When you have completed the above three steps in how to brand a company, building a brand, you now have a good platform to design your optimal customer experience.

Here’s how:

Determine how to express each reason to believe at each key touch point. How can you reinforce sporty performance (a reason to believe) in product design and in marketing campaigns (The influential touch points) ?

#5. Align your business to consistently deliver the optimal experience.

A holistic approach to aligning your business to consistently deliver the optimal experience is essential. Identify the processes, and the tools that drive each key touch point.

The impact of workflow processes and tools (i.e. technology systems) on the customer experience may be less intuitive but crucial to consistent delivery.

Identify the activities that don’t align with your envisioned customer experience. Determine how to address them to bring them into alignment with your business.

In my next post we will cover the 6th and final step of the process on how to brand a company (#6Create a demand for your brand)


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