How To Brand A Company

– How To Brand a Company –

The most important assets you must develop for you business is a powerful brand, you must learn how to brand a company, in order to brand YOUR COMPANY!  and I’m not just talking about logos or tag lines.

I’m talking about the culmination of who you are, why you are and how you’re different from your competition, why should your audience do business with you?

Whether you are a small start-up business or an established company, your brand has a tremendous impact. A company brand instills confidence, establish loyalty and most of the times, it can command a premium price.

The one big thing that is connected to a great brand is that, it is a safe quality buy according to buyer’s perception. Free of risk and a preferred choice of purchase.

Developing a company brand is more than just picking some colors and deciding a name. A company brand, your brand is the sum of everything you do. It’s the fingerprint of your touch with your customers and prospects.

Developing a solid strong company brand requires making a plan that consistently communicates your message, your message should be about what your company is and what you do, along with a your distinct attributes, a great deal of personality and image.

Your message should be a consistent, immediately recognizable mental imprint that delivers a clear and compelling message.

WoW, that was a mouthful… J

The well known branding consultant and author Karen Post calls a branding message a “brain tattoo”   that have been put there by choice, and can be removed and replaced at any time if not delivering quality to please the audience.

In this How To Brand a Company Series we will look closer to recommended actions you need to do to brand your company and establish a super brand.

  1. Draft your brand DNA / essence
  2. Define and relate to your target audience
  3. Choose a brand name
  4. Create a logo
  5. Make a list of all your other touch points
  6. Create a demand for your brand

How To Brand A Company recommended actions.

#1 Draft your brand DNA/essence

Purpose, Points that differentiates you, Personality, promise

This sets the foundation of everything you do and will guide your business, marketing and the message you decide to communicate to your audience. These are your draft brand drivers.

During the following process, you may tweak the drives or add completely new ones. But at the end of the day, the end of the process, you should clearly define

  • Your Purpose – What you      provide to the market.
  • Your points of difference/Your USP – What truly      distinct you, what makes you unique, that can’t be copied. Great customer      service is important, but also normally expected. Your unique selling      points could be a story, visual symbol, color scheme, proprietary process      or product, milestone, personality characteristics, preferably a      combination of several of these.
  • Your personality – a collection of human traits      and adjectives best describing your brand.
  • Your Promise – The emotional trait of your purpose. Let’s say you are a Make-Up      artist, your purpose would be to make your client look and feel beautiful,      your promise is that you will make your customers feel comfortable and      confident wearing the perfect make-up look

#2 Define and Relate to your Target Audience

Understanding your audience in order to relate to them is very important. You need to know their behavior, what motivates them to buy, what needs do they have, how they think, education level, income, ethnicity, age, sex, habits. Set up customer segmentation/profiles, don’t complicate things, a simple spreadsheet will do.  If you’ve already created your business plan then chances are you already have your target audience defined.

Now you have a few things to chew on, take my advise and give yourself some time to really think these two steps through in order to really set a solid platform for your brand. There you have your start on How To Brand A Company 😉

See you in the 2nd post of the “How To Brand A Company” Series.

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