How To Control Your Settings Within WordPress





How To Control Your Settings Within WordPress

Learning how to control your settings within WordPress is simple, after watching this video you will know step-by-step where to go and what to do. The options provided in each individual administration screen such as, categories or customize, are settings specific to that feature. The settings options in your dashboard is used to define options for your blog as a whole.


How To Control Your Settings Within WordPress

The settings general screen, controls some of the most basic configurations settings on your site. Set your site title and tag line, the URL your site points to, who may register on your blog, and how dates and times are calculated and displayed

The settings writing screen, lets you control some of the default settings for how post content displays on your site. These settings include emoticons display, what default category post use, the default post format, access to post this, and the optional post via email feature.

Reading settings, let’s you decide if you want your theme to set up your home page or if you want to set a custom home page using the static page settings also, set how how many posts display on your home page, how many posts will send to a readers browser or other applications and rather or not you want your site discovered by search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.

The discussion settings tab, allows you to control how your site manages incoming and outgoing comments, bing backs, and track backs, you can also control the circumstances under which your blogs sends you an email notification when there is comment activity on your site and you can decide if your blog should show avatars and there ratings.

The settings media screen allows you to specify maximum dimensions in pixels to use when adding an image to the media library and how images should be organized when uploaded.

And finally…..

The permalinks settings, by default WordPress uses web URL’s, which have question marks and a lot of numbers in it. However, WordPress offers you the ability to create a custom URL structure, for your permalinks and archives this can improve the static usability and forward compatibility of your links. The settings permalink screen controls how the custom URL is defined.


How To Control Your Settings Within WordPress

Now that you understand how to control your settings, you can make your website unique for your visitors when they come to your site. Understanding how your site works will help you become more active within your site, and make your readers want to come back for more of a beautiful site, and valuable content. Your settings is one of the most important tabs you have on your site because it allows you to control how your readers see your site which is very important so that you can relate world wide.


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