How to find content for your videos using SEO tools

Using SEO tools is probably the most technical methods we as marketers deal with with. We all start with a blank page not really knowing what we are going to write or speak about.

To come up with an idea from thin air is a thing of the past when using Online software and tools to collect information and spark that idea within our minds allowing us to create that content we was unaware we could create when we started thinking on what can we Blog about.

The video Below is part a video series I create to help you embrace software and use your inner thoughts to create unique content and position yourself to be found on a web search by others

How to find content for your videos using SEO tools pt 10

Keep in mind I can’t sit here and tell you what to create or how to write it. Blogging is not all about making money on the internet but simply a HUB for you as the writer and content creator to create content that provides Pure value for your readers. If you simply apply keyword research into your creation people will read, book mark share it and leave positive comment that can or will turn into leads for your business.

The purpose of Keyword research is simply to identify what are people searching for, What problems are people trying to solve when searching for information

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