How to profit with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best route to take when marketing on the internet even if you have a primary product you can profit with affiliate marketing. Nothing to create and everything is pretty much done and created for you. Affiliate marketing is also inexpensive to start with the cost is low.

Here at Influx Entrepreneur we made it very simple to promote affiliate products and profit from them. we have a blog network giving you the leverage from the gate. The theme and plugin we provide can easily run you a few thousand dollars if you just looked a two themes or plugin we offer you you already spent $1000 if you went on your own and did.

Everyone has a website already and if you currently have one I am proud of you. We don’t want to be your primary website just the gateway. Did you all website have two url from the gate one of them is the other is with our domain mapping you can use you carbon copy being www and link it to out network and not taking any creditably from your main site.

Many of our customer are using this to rank the primary domain much faster online using the power of back linking our toold, themes and plugin to give life to there website. if you currently have content on your website it’s already been copied to the www so why not export it and import it here using your
www sub-domian.

Thai is an option than can be done very easily here is a video to explain.

Domain Mapping

That being said the next thing you would have to worry about it making money online but how much do you want to make? When I started online I started with a $250 commission. I sat down and asked myself how many sales would I need to make a week to fire my boss you guess it right 2 freaking sales. I was sold. I went and bought it and started to market I quickly failed as I knew nothing about marketing on the internet I spend  a lot in memberships but I also learned a lot.

Without the video memberships I would have never made it or been able fire my boss. But today I am going to share that information with you. You see I know how hard it is to get going and working alone. Time can also be a problem as many of us are still employed with a regular life. but if you really want to make this happen from the comfort of your home and get back the life you see on T.V the time freedom to do as you wish when you wish then you have to commit and work for it.

I am going to share my private video collection with you cause I want you to succeed but you have to trust me, google Influx Entrepreneur I pop up all over the place on the internet look at my stats using the affiliate program I am offering you.

here are what some experience within the last 24hrs

Sick right.

That was within 1 week as you can see from the screen shot here are the leads I am also getting daily not much but feels freaking good all free blogging and search engine optimization. I must admit it was a bit at first but once you give a good hard try its super easy. Everything at first seems hard cause you have never really worked online with results. Once you do it a few times your going to hate yourself for not doing this sooner look at my leads I got this morning

good morning thus far

Yeah so what leads but you want to see the money right but let me ask you even if I show you how could that change your mindset are you willing to do what I do. Cause everything looks nice when it’s complete, when your ranking on 1st pages of google and Bing but are you really determined to make it happen. People around you will joke about you, talk you out of it but yet they have Netflix and buy everything from amazon hmm interesting how about 1/3 of world has a Facebook account. There are all billion dollars companies and all started like we did the IDEA of what if.

So yes it work I am here writing and you are here reading. You think that was an accident? No my friend that’s called marketing understanding seo and reaching my customers . yes I want you to buy this from me. And yes I will earn a commission from the sale but the fact is Influx Entrepreneur pays out weekly and works you are the proof cause you are reading this.

A no brainier. so I know you wan to see the income I am going to share it with you but once your inside my inner circle. Let do the math look at the traffic look at the leads. Multiply it by 30 days as the traffic I shared is daily. take 1% of that traffic and add $250 to it..   Yeah that pays the bills. but you forgot i am also building a list that I offer other affiliate offers as well. Interesting right.

I never fall in love with one product as all products come and go. but Influx is not going anywhere and do you know why? cause its strength is based on content and for $9 monthly how can u go wrong it’s cheaper than hosting. Yeah this is a no brainier without the hype.

this is how you would migrate your site as well without losing ranking or content

Easy Website Migration

What I love best is the built in webinar system. If you have shopped around that alone is $500 period. as you see it well worth it. is a complete Home and marketing website, build websites, write blogs, create capture pages, social floaters, optin sidebar widgets, comment system that integrate with Facebook, Google + WordPress  & Discus .

Even if this sound way too complicated trust it should. You might be new or never really bothered to work the the big players online this is the complete marketing platform you will need right now to promote anything you want I just suggested reselling Influx because of the weekly payout of $250 per sale. I thought that would get you aroused as we all want to make money fast online but mostly is to pay off debt and fire our boss. You put in the work and try really hard you will succeed.

Here is the best part of it all click on the link below and see the incentive

the way it should be


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