How To Provide Excellent Customer Service To Provide Excellent Customer Service

Learning how to provide excellent customer service is explained within this article. The success of any business depends on exceptional customer service. Customer service begins the moment you meet a potential customer, book the appointment, or sell the product. Customer service is a big essential within any business. It continues through providing your customers, guests, and potential team members with options and ideas of how you can serve them. The more access and follow up you offer, the more likely you are to increase your business.

Ask, Listen, and Learn!!!


How To Provide Excellent Customer Service

By simply asking what your customers need, listening to there response and learning which product they are looking for, you are sure to be on your way to customer service success and developing a strong loyal customer base. People typically respond very positively when they believe someone is really making an effort. Personalized service, letting people know you are a person and not a machine, and that you are really listening is what will set you apart from others. This is the first step in building customer relationships that lasts a lifetime.

After doing research I have learned that it costs five times as much to just attract a customer than it is to maintain your customer.


How To Provide Excellent Customer Service

Step 1 Ask:

Asking questions means discovering your customers needs or concerns. Ask questions in such a way that you are working them into the conversation. It is easy to continue to ask questions when your purpose is to find out more about your customer and their preferences.

Step 2 Listen

Listening is the most important steps because it helps build trust more quickly. Sometimes a salesperson begins a presentation or conversation by telling a customer everything he knows about his products without first gathering any information from the customer. A customer is more likely to trust you if they sense that you are more interested in their needs or concerns the simply making a sale. To gain a customers trust, try these listening tips.

  • Nod your head in agreement when customer is talking.
  • Do not interrupt.
  • Carry a small notebook and write down your customers, comments and concerns.
  • Empathize with their responses as you nod and say encouraging phrases such as “I understand what you’re saying”, “That’s not unusual at all”, and “That makes perfect since”.

Step 3 Learn

After you discover your customer’s true needs and interests, you have a much better idea of what products to offer and demonstrate. The key here is to continue to ask questions and let your customers do the talking. Also, be sure to demonstrate products that can solve any problems or concerns your customers may have shared with you. If you can match their needs with the right products, you are on your way to becoming their go to person. You’ll also want to ask positive questions to close the sale and guide them through the selling process.

It is important that you don’t make it your goal to sell your client the most products you can sell right away. Satisfy your customers with the products they need now and look for other opportunities that will help them in the future. They will feel more relaxed, less defensive and more like to become a repeat customer. Always, always remember you overall goal is to build customer service for life! Become a house hold name brand that people want to recommend to others and be proud to recommend to others as well. Your goal is to become the answer, find out what your targeted niche is and move forward, ask, listen, learn!


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