How To Set A Featured Image With WordPress


How To Set A Featured Image With WordPress

featured imageIf you have found this page then I know you are wondering, what is a featured image and why do I need a featured image within my blog post.Learning how to set a featured image is simple, after watching the tutorial provided above, you will know exactly where to find set featured image within your WordPress blog.

In order to set a featured image in your post or page, locate the featured image box on your media or computer, selecting the image will give you a chance to edit the image which will take you to the image editor, or you can delete it permanently. Once you are happy with your image, click “set featured image”, click on the preview button to see your changes, or push the “publish” button to make your post or page viewable to the public. This picture gives you an example of what you should be seeing before you want to edit an image. WordPress has a lot of editing options for you to make creative and valuable content throughout your blog.




How To Set A Featured Image With WordPress

Understanding how to add a featured image with WordPress will make your blogging experience much more satisfying for your readers, and make you look like a professional within your targeted niche, you might be surprise by this but after learning why a featured image was important for your blog I have learned that people engage with different things rather online or offline by appearance, attitude, and much more. It is your responsibility to draw your potential readers/customers to see what you have to offer and the value you are able to give to help someone else in return. Most entrepreneurs starting off don’t understand the importance of a featured image until they have been in the business for a while.

Once you know how to set a featured image within your WordPress blog, continue to create content, be persistent, and massive action!


How To Set A Featured Image With WordPress

Now that you have watched the video on how to add a featured image, i dare you to stop what your doing and write a blog about in now, don’t wait until you have everything done if you took the time to read this content then you can take the time to create content. Have fun, learn, and be persistent with creating valuable and unique content. I learned more about WordPress by reading The Overnight Traffic Blue Print, but that is for another topic.

For now learn one thing at a time, master it know everything there is to learn about what ever you are focused on, because when you master one thing you can move on to the next you will be as I like to call it a guru, so start with the basics learn how to set a featured image and move forward.


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