How to Set Up and Configure Tweetadder


How to Set Up and Configure Tweetadder

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Improved reliability when using twitter accounts with greater than 5000 followers / following.

Fixed issue that caused RSS tweets to sometimes be too long and not get posted

Tweet Search greatly improved.  Multiple pages of results are again available.  Full support for multiple search operators.

Location Search greatly improved. Multiple pages of results are again available.

Automated tweet search will now find up to 200 users each time it is run.

Fixed issue with follows sometimes not being sent. This was due to incorrect IDs being gathered in searches, so you will need to clear your “to follow” list if you continue to have issues with this.

Greatly improved handling of Twitter’s “Internal Server Errors” and “Twitter is over capacity” errors.  Tweet Adder now retries up to 3 times, and returns previously returned results regardless of whether there was an error on twitter’s site.

Improved back end parsing of search results (less prone to breaking when twitter makes minor updates)

Added support for additional URL shorteners. and are now available, along with  Registration and API keys are required for and

Holding down the ‘a’ key while launching Tweet Adder will now enable (Turn On) all accounts.

Holding down the ‘x’ key while launching Tweet Adder will now disable (Turn Off) all accounts.

Added “Reset User Data” button on the “Manage Users” page.  This is useful if the settings database for a particular users has somehow become corrupt.  Example: Crashes when clicking “tweets” or other tab for a particular user.

Removed “Download Proxies” button.  Public proxies are no longer recommended due to twitter blocking them, and possibly suspending accounts attempting to use them.  Private proxies are now recommended for users who use Tweet Adder with multiple Twitter accounts.

Added support for private proxies that authenticate with username/password

Added support for importing/exporting proxy lists with the format IP:PORT:USER:PASSWORD

How to Set Up and Configure Tweetadder

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