How to Setup Sidebar widgets on wordpress using Influx

How to Setup Sidebar widgets on

wordpress using Influx Entrepreneur


Hey everyone we are going to show you how to set up and configure your widget area on your WordPress blog.

Widget sidebars are frequently used to collect leads or allow you to promote an affiliate product of choice. There are many different ways you can use your widget sidebar on wordpress some examples are

  • Collect leads by adding an optin offer or give away something such as an eBook or video series
  • Promote an affiliate banner from ClickBank or any other Affiliate of choice
  • Promote your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Feed or Linkedin Social site
  • Place a personal picture of yourself

Influx Entrepreneur has enable many Affiliate Networkers on a budget to create multiple affiliate micro sites without the hassle of installing WordPress or investing in a hosting  company. Influx Entrepreneur has truly revolutionized the way Affiliate marketers  promote all there business opportunities all under one platform.

We understand that affiliate marketing is where the money’s at. Here is a video to help you set up your widget area on How to Setup Sidebar widgets on WordPress using Influx Entrepreneur.


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