How to use Email Marketing Software when List building

Most common practice online is buying list. It’s in fact the fastest way to grow a email list, The problem is not scraping , harvesting or renting a list. The concern is how to get people to open your email..

The biggest tip I  can offer you to stay away from hyping Subjects like:

Don't even think about it


Subject line is key. Don’t hype it up just be clear and to the point

Most new marketer messed this up all the time. we forget about attraction marketing wit works everywhere, Attraction marketing can be used in video, article writing blogging and email.

No matter how your marketing approach is, you always have to build and gain your readers trust. building rapport. The science behind how people react is important but nothing to lose sleep over.  Be yourself, Be honest, Be to the point. Keep in mind you must understand the structure of email marketing.

  1. The first thing you have to do is make sure your are using a dedicated server with a private name server.
  2. Next you can install your email software. you must also use a third party to verify the email and get rid of all the bad ones.
  3. Next make sure you have tested your email on yourself make sure it sends out correctly without and code error.
  4. Next set up your bounce setting to run automatically. (test the connection)
  5. Next ensure when you are using html code and embedding images you code is clean. you must also ensure you have a text email as well since not all users use Gmail or Yahoo. Images will not display all the time if your are using squirrel or basic email clients.
  6. Next create your a contact list for the Big list this is where i will share the Soak and splinter method. this is where you will upload a huge list into in contact list inside your email marketing software. Now you can go head and create you 10 day auto-responder. space them out about 3 days apart make sure you are not sunning more than 10,000 email per hour.  the emails are congruent with your offer or services. Make sure your story line  has a beginning, middle and end.  Otherwise you will loose your reader adn email open rate.

Assuming  all your setting are correct and you list is connected to your auto-responder, your bounce setting and connection are configured correctly and been test for a connection your ready to start email marketing.

This is where you site back relax and focus on something else cause it’s all up to the waiting game. Keep in mind it can take some subscriber a few days before they check their email. A list can take up to a week to complete and a few month to be open an read. This is why I love my Email system I have set some trigger that respond as me, what that mean is if someone opens one of the email from the auto responder we created earlier we can now set some automation Not ure about you but I like to set thing and forget them.

So this is where I tell my email marketing system to send a subscriber to a new auto responder if they open one of my emails. This is where I go into the pitch and go deeper into my story as I share secrets and tips. I make sure I give away so much information but keep the readers to want more, Give enough never give everything this is where the hook comes in and you can now open them up to want more. Tease them for a few days give away PDF's and workbooks but most importantly Make a video once the dust settle it's you and only you the reader once to see or hear from anymore.  Always lead with "VALUE"

What you should be doing

Congratulations buy this point you have automated your Online business, the next step is to start writing blogs and creating video for yourself.

The Online network marketing business is not as big as you think and it's very easy to stand out the crowd. don't be fooled or mislead about the things you don't really know as yet. I have been working online fore over 10 yrs and I have seen many companies come and go but yet I still stand strong here focused on my business, spending time with my family and living the internet lifestyle on my own terms.

This business had nothing to do with having the best product launch or affiliate product. Affiliate products are a dime a dozen most affiliate program you can integrate into your email marketing but use caution as you are building rapport with your list and don't wanna offer them garbage. 

If you are looking for the email software or just looking for real Help you have to text me at (718) 569-7317



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