How to Use Twitter for Business!

How to use Twitter for Business!


There are many ways marketers can use Twitter for business.  Twitter is such an amazing tool many businesses are finding can help them really connect with the consumers out there.  How exactly can one use Twitter for business?  I will show you exactly how to use Twitter for your business.



What is Twitter and how can I use Twitter for Business?


Twitter is defined as a social networking, microblogging site.  Microblogging sites allow members to make lots of short blog posts, each post is around 140 characters, to make quick connections with other people.  Many companies use Twitter for business by sending out Tweets on products or services in which they sell to a core group of people they feel would benefit from the product or service they have to offer.  The followers of Twitter tend to be very active and very brand loyal.  They follow many products and services, because they are constantly seeing information or tweets send out to them.   Many companies are finding better returns on their Twitter connections then tradition very expensive ways to advertise their products.

Many people who use Twitter for business are able to Tweet from a cell phone, computer, or even voice mail.  Businesses find this to be very handy and also make it easier to continue to stay connected with their customers.  Twitter feels more like a chatroom then a blog site.Twitter is more real time then other social network sites, with people, or companies posting things every few minutes, instead of every few hours on the other social sites.  For this reason, many businesses find if they are tweeting information to their followers regularly, they are able to keep people interested in the products they have to offer.  Many companies find the use of Twitter for business is a great way for them to create a focused audience, which they are able to post questions, make suggestions, and announce a new blog post.  In the video below I will discuss ways you can use Twitter for business.





Companies Who Use Twitter for Business are seeing Huge returns!

I am so excited to see how companies who use Twitter for business are seeing great returns from such a simple idea. Companies who use Twitter for business, have seen their revenues increase so much, there is talk Twitter may start to charge companies to have a presence on Twitter!  Pretty amazing!  It will be interesting to see what happens in the future with Twitter and how companies will continue to use and transform traditional marketing methods with the use of this social media powerhouse.


I hope this helps you figure out ways to Use Twitter to grow Your Business!


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