Influx Entrepreneur and The #1 Reason WHY Most People Never Get Out Of The Starting Gate…

Why Influx Entrepreneur?

Most new Internet Marketers simply don’t know or understand what it is that they’re supposedto do from Day 1 and they are NOT plugged in to an effective Personal Development/Mentorship Group like Influx Entrepreneur.   


In the beginning it is critical to keep your activities simple and duplicable and to
plug into solid Coaching and Mentorship like our mastermind club inside
Influx Entrepreneur .

This is the EXACT reason WHY  Influx Entrepreneur Members Area is set up in a
simple format that is  packed with hours of video training .

It’s been my experience that a person will learn better and retain more if they
receive a limited amount of information at a time.

Think of school.

If you went to college, did the school just dump 5 dozen textbooks on your desk
and say learn this, you’ll be tested in 4 years? No, you were given bite sized
chunks, and day after day, your knowledge and abilities expanded.
So too here.

The LAST thing you need is information overload.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a strong supporter of continuing education in the
areas of marketing, ad copy, lead generation and personal development.

Training: Get Some!

But in the same breath, I realize that your time is valuable and I want to give you
only the essentials you need to make a good go of this program right now.

That being said, the key to success with Influx Entrepreneur, as with any
business, is to expose people to the opportunity and get the word out in a
BIG way.

There are several ways to do that effectively, but at the end of the day, that’s all it
really boils down to… because there’s a terrible thing that happens to people who
don’t advertise… and that is Nothing… that’s right, nothing happens!
So your first and most important step is MARKETING & PROMOTING your
website (if you choose to promote online).

There’s no mystery or “secret” to success. After a decade of experience, the
results of the most successful people in business have been thoroughly analyzed
and duplicated.

I’ve found that successful marketers invest an average of 15% – 25% of their
gross profits on their marketing budget. (unless they’re using FREE advertising
strategies like Traffic Exchanges, YouTube, Craigslist, MySpace, etc.) No
mystery. JUST MASSIVE MARKETING with proven tools.

The #1 reason people don’t get their desired results is lack of ENOUGH
promoting/ advertising. Successful people do something everyday to generate

THAT is their secret!

Also understand that with any marketing strategy, there’s always going to be a
trade off between time and money. Free strategies will usually require more of a
time investment (or skill) than paid strategies and vice versa.

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Here’s to your Success,

Ron Tolley…..Call me if you have questions…864-719-9583



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