Influx Entrepreneur Branding Network

Influx Entrepreneur Branding Network

Influx Entrepreneur is the creation of Hector Guerrero and is founded on the principle of Creating Content to drive Traffic invite Leads and generate Sales. “Teach what you Know Not What You Heard.”

Unlike immediate gratification methods of marketing such as Pay Per Click, Facebook & YouTube ads the marketing methods discussed in this blog typically generate leads years after the effort is put in to execute these methods is timeless.

With a method such as Pay Per Click, once the campaign is finished or turned off the flow of leads will also end. With Influx Entrepreneur Branding Network the leads will continue to be generated long after the work is done. Plus, The Branding Network is not a “Paid” method of marketing.

With every Pro there is a Con. The Con of generating income from blogging is the time and effort that is put in to setting it up. The reward far outweighs the work when the leads continue to flow long after the work is finished.

This is a “set it and forget it” type of marketing that requires low maintenance, if any, once completed.

This is not your typical blog full of fluff and theory.

This is a step by step written blueprint on how to build a Brand from the bare basics.

All of the information in this manual is centered on the principles of Attraction Marketing. Without understanding the principles of Attraction Marketing the information in this blog will not be fully effective for you.

Because this is a “how to” post and not a post about marketing theory or principles we will not be covering the fundamental principles of Attraction Marketing. Besides, there has already been a book written on that subject by an expert in the field.

Influx Entrepreneur is the foundation of every Network Marketers education in how to generate leads and attract an endless supply of people to you. This blog covers the principles that you will need for the foundation of your Network Marketing business.

Every successful marketer has been on this network. We can only recommend you use Influx Entrepreneur, however we don’t see it as a recommendation unless you are tired of asking the wrong question and chasing your tail. We see this network as a requirement for having any level of success in Network Marketing.

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I had wanted to create ‘Influx Entrepreneur Branding Network’  for months now and I was actually in the middle of creating it when I decided to share it before it was completed. I knew that I could deliver a good product, but I knew that if I partnered up with loyal affiliates, it would contain more knowledge and value to maximize the strategy we call Influx Entrepreneur Branding Network. Every idea that I had about this blog, Took it a step further and made it better. There is one word that describes Influx Entrepreneur Branding Network and that is Brilliant.

I have been setting up WordPress Blogs that get an Alexa Score under 300k in less than a week and get ranked on page 1 of Google within minutes. Put that together with a 90% success rate at hitting #1 on Google and we are lethal when it comes to showing up in the search engines. Luckily for us (and for you) we write on very different topics and with a very different writing style.

Take a peak for yourself watch this video

I had gotten burnt out on writing articles, now after collaborating with other marketers for this blog I am fired up to do an article a day for 90 days straight. The spoils of haters is my inspiration for kicking my ass in gear, and what we reveal regarding Article Marketing on this website makes creating an article less than ½ the time it used to take me.

Combined we have been able to put together something no one else has to date…

The MOST complete blog network on Content Marketing starting out with the most basic step leading to the most advanced.
I know you will enjoy reading and watch videos here. Take it slow or hit it hard remember its your business not mine the harder you at it the faster you will see your results. Branding is where it’s at combined with attraction marketing your unstoppable. Influx Entrepreneur Branding Network is the total package.


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