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The Custom Editor is probably one of the easiest to set-up within WordPress…If you are familiar with Microsoft Words, some of the features are similar and basically work the same when creating content. Unlike the features on Microsoft Words, the Custom Editor within WordPress is rotatable, therefore, it allows you to add and remove the edit icons. Despite the fact that you can add and remove the edit icons around, the Custom Editor has a lot of features suitable for bloggers with various preferences, example, there are bloggers who will prefer a simple setting and then there are bloggers who will understand and used to a more complex setting. In the event that you are new to WordPress and or blogging, then you’ve come to the right webpage and Influx is about to help get you started.

Influx Entrepreneur Custom Editor

Influx Entrepreneur has made it real simple for anyone, including beginners to learn to easy it is to edit settings in around just about any WordPress Platforms. Our lead magnet website and Influx Team are ready to assist beginners and experienced bloggers needing the help to either, create content, make money online, affiliate marketing, network marketing, keyword research, SEO, internet business opportunity or hosting a webinar. However, our service is not free and it’s also not expensive to get started with us – we charge a monthly fee of $9 and you with that you get the access to, membership, webinar, sales pages, capture pages, domain mapping and payment gateways.

Provided below, are a few images of the WordPress of Influx Entrepreneur Custom Editor setting:
Influx Custom EditorInflux Entrepreneur Custom Editor

Also provided below, is an Influx Entrepreneur tutorial video showing how to set-up the Custom Editor on our platform.

Watch the short video provided below:

The Importance Of A Custom Editor Within WordPress

The obvious and simple explanation about the importance of a Custom Editor within WordPress is that without it, one wont be able to create professional text content looking blogs. Hence, with that being said, if you are in the business of making money online then it is almost impossible to sell anything from a shabby looking webpage. Attraction is very important on a website which is why we need the necessary plugins and one of which is the Custom Editor to help make our website catchy and welcoming. To learn more and to be apart of the Influx Entrepreneur marketing group, follow the simple steps blow.

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