Influx Entrepreneur Custom Video Player

The Purpose Of A Custom Video Player 

The purpose of a Custom Video Player is to embed videos within a website…with the Custom Video Player plugin on a website, one can edit and customize till his/her heart’s content. An embedded video is permanent on a website and it prevents readers from skipping from one page to next on a webpage – Therefore, instead of having readers clicking from one platform to the next just to view a video(s) that you want them to watch, you can embed the video(s) within your website for your readers and or visitors to view (in one place) on the webpage that you would have created for whatever reason.

Influx Entrepreneur Custom Video Player

The WordPress of Influx Entrepreneur has made very easy for you to embed your very own videos on our platform – We have the plugins and everything already set-up and made available when you register your business through the Influx Entrepreneur Platform. Our Custom Video Player is self explanatory and up to date with technology…you won’t have any regrets paying the $9 a month if you get started with us.

Provided below, are a few images of the Influx Custom Video Player plugin setting:
Influx Custom Video PlayerInflux Entrepreneur Custom Video PlayerCustom Video PlayerEntrepreneur Custom Video Player

Also provided below, is an Influx Entrepreneur tutorial video showing how to embed a video and the purpose of a “Custom Video Player” on a website.

Watch the short video provided below:

The Importance Of A Custom Video Player Within Your WordPress

The importance of a Custom Video Player within your WordPress is to keep readers on your webpage, to generate codes, to generate url, the ability to borrow and embed your friend and or business partner video(s), to be able to customize and edit the video(s) whenever pleases and to avoid any chances of your video(s) being removed or deleted from another platform, for example, “Youtube”.

In present time, a website without a Custom Video Player plugin, is basically not up to date with technology and has little to no chances of getting enough internet business. Are you in the business of making money online but do not have the necessary website plugins to properly advertise and promote your business? Have no fear because this is where Influx Entrepreneur comes in…We do not only have our very own Custom Video Player plugin, we also have made available, Domain Mapping, Webinar, Payment Gateways, Sales Pages, Capture Pages, Membership and other plugins settings to get your business recognised and generating a consistent income.

To learn more about the importance and purpose of  a Custom Video Player while you earn, follow the immediate steps below;

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