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How to Write a Blog Report
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Influx Entrepreneur A better way to write more blogs  I will ask you to write a current events blog report approximately 3 times per day. In order to do this, you must:

Gather information from a source online or a newspaper store

Sources include:

Influx Entrepreneur Blog Network Review Influx Entrepreneur Television News Programs such as: ABC World News, CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, Fox 5 News
Internet Newspapers such as: Paterson, Time for Kids, Scholastic News, CNN
Magazines such as: Time, Newsweek
Newspapers such as: The New York Times, USA Today, The Record, The Herald News, The Star Ledger
Social Medial such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest see whats trending on Google

Pick an article this will be something that caught your interest.

Your article should be informative

Write a few paragraphs.

In the first couple of paragraphs , summarize the main idea. You should write at least four sentences per paragraph. Tell WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN,  WHY and HOW the action occurred. This is A better way to write more blogs

Once your done, tell your opinion about the article. What do you think will happen next? Do you think it was a good idea?

Then read back everything you wrote see where you can add any pictures or videos to support your blog report.  Remember that readers love to see images and videos. I like using the H~PITA rule


Example of a good blog

Behind the scenes of Influx Entrepreneur

Influx Entrepreneur is a blogging network built on the WordPress platform that was started back in November of 2011. Influx Entrepreneur was created with one sole purpose, which is to help new entrepreneurs in this blogging era. As we took the challenge to help these baby boomers, we realized it was quite overwhelming to build a new website as a new comer on the internet. There are many moving parts when building a website, such as creating the right domain name, finding a hosting provider, picking the right email solution to integrate and once that is completed, finding the right payment gateway so that our customers can use wherever they are. So we decided to create this push button system which will only require our customers to fill out a registration form, confirm their email, provide a valid credit or debit card, then transitioning into creating content oInflux Entrepreneur Blog Network Review Influx Entrepreneur n their new Influx Entrepreneur Blog Network.

In a nutshell, we’re the “techies!” We wanted our customers to focus on creating content. Example: Videos, Articles, Blogs, Press Releases, Images, even Audio Files under one platform. So we decided to take on the headache  of managing and running a network while our customers focused on creating the content. This is a better way to write more blogs

Influx Entrepreneur offers many options

The Influx Entrepreneur journey was fast and furious! We encountered many hurdles when it came to managing a network, BUT we listened to our customers and understood that more than half of our them needed Opt In pages. You know that’s  right!

You know that simple webpage that you are required to fill out in order to collect leads on your website? Ok cool…

We also went ahead and integrated video integration. Our customers enjoyed the fact that they could embed a video from sites such as YouTube, AmazonS3, or a video hosting provider of their choice.  Our first player created added the “cool skins” around the video as how it would seem when your video would be playing from a iPhone, Tablet or PC.  We are very proud to say that even someone getting started today would look like a professional.

We even took it a bit further built right into the video player you can now email, embed or share it to Facebook and/or Twitter. This gave  our customers a competitive edge when syndicating a video on the Influx Entrepreneur Network. Meaning your videos can now go viral on other websites Now that’s cool.

Understanding what our customers biggest downfall was which is SEO (search engine optimization), we decided to integrate a cool little  SEO plugin to solve this problem, so that our Influx Entrepreneur customers can freestyle write on their website, then use this tool as a checklist to increase their visibility on the search engine. Lets be real, what’s the point of spending hours writing a blog post and being unable to get found by the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN? My point exactly!

Another added feature to the Influx Entrepreneur Platform is implementing a way for our customers to get instant traffic. Yeah I said it “INSTANT TRAFFIC” So here it is, if you follow the steps of creating a blog Influx Entrepreneur Blog Network Review Influx Entrepreneur report and using the SEO tool, add a bit of color by embedding images and videos to your blog, you can close the blog report  with a newsletter opt in form or affiliate banner save the entire post as a draft review and correct any concerns or issues you may have (very Important,) cause the final step will blow your mind. Once you are satisfied and are ready to go public, PUBLISH your Influx Entrepreneur Blog Report and send it out to over 50 sites instantly!!!!! Now that was the biggest gift I could give my customers 🙂 boom A better way to write more blogs.

Now it might sound like an amazing platform to be on AND YOU’RE RIGHT, but we are not done as yet. Yup there is way more to cover;  I did state before that this blog was going to reveal something special, Influx Entrepreneur How to Write a Blog Report that Search Engines Love to read”  and I meant that, I also found it a bit tough to tweak the font color and size of a text. Who the hell want to learn coding these days? You got it right, far and few between so right on your tool bar we added a bunch of fonts and options just like the ones you see when you compose an email using your preferred email provider whether it be Hotmail, AOL or Gmail. I will tell you this,  it is super user friendly, anyone can use it.

Oh and guess what? Because we know just how annoying the permalinks structure can be and not everyone gets it, we took care of it for you. You can set up your account without that headache! We really wanted you to focus solely on creating and marketing your new website.

Most talked about Influx Entrepreneur Options

Facebook comment integration was also a huge one, if you’re NOT new to WordPress then you already know how much Influx Entrepreneur Blog Network Review Influx Entrepreneur spam comments you get so what we did was remove WordPress comments and replaced it with Facebook comments. Now you can always go back to WordPress comments, but we don’t recommend it unless you like reading Fake Comments and refuse to enjoy the beauty of Social syndication. Once your visitor is on your blog post reading your awesome Influx Entrepreneur Blog report, how much traffic do you think you’ll get if they leave a comment right from their Facebook wall so their Facebook friends will see what they wrote about you? Yeah I know HUGE right so leave it the way it is.

Now lets talk about Domain Mapping. What is domain mapping? In simple terms, domain mapping is when you can use your URL to take over your Influx Entrepreneur website. Meaning when you get a new site it will look like this  and will be able to change it to look like  Now I don’t recommend you do that since you will lose all the back-link and traffic we created on your sub domain URL. By adding your personal domain name you will instantly be sent to the back of the line as most new  dot com’s start at 14 million in ranking that’s way way back of the line.  Let me help you see a clear visual of this; Google, Facebook and YouTube are ranked 1, 2, and 3 so if you start at 14 million, we here at Influx Entrepreneur will have you ranking around 136,614 from the time your blog post was written to the time you are reading this, it will be under 100,000 in ranking cause we know how to rank and market the platform that is again something else you don’t have to worry about being a part of the Influx Entrepreneur Blog Network.

Influx Entrepreneur Review

When you are part of the Influx Entrepreneur Blog Network you will be excited, we help all our clients get started, we have coaches on stand by, graphic designers to help you with any short comings of creating banners and tweaking the site to serve your needs, SEO experts to assist your learning curve of optimizing your website and marketers that are responsible to increase your Influx Entrepreneur website traffic. These are all the things I wanted help with when I started my website venture. You can easily get this service at Marketing Services this service is not needed unless you are looking for faster results. We also have a Monthly Marketing budget plan.

A popular question for us on the Influx Entrepreneur Blog Network is, where can I promote my website? This is a secret that we reveal on the Influx entrepreneur Blog Report. You see we have created an entire video library to answer those questions and that is where it gets fun and exciting, as we have put together an entire membership platform where you will be guided via a step by step process to ensure you are using every possible marketing resource you can get your hands on.

Influx Entrepreneur is the platform where you can build an eCommerce store, Digital Membership Website and Blog website. Influx Entrepreneur Blog Network Review Influx Entrepreneur   We are simply an “All In One Online Store”. We are the Franchise of the Traditional business while it takes a few hundred thousand dollars to buy a franchise build it and promote it, it will cost you almost nothing to take a look at with a very small investment and some time to learn the concept of Online Marketing you can generate an online income by offering services or resell other affiliate products like Influx Entrepreneur Affiliate so there is no need to spend $500,000 on a franchise when you already have a proven marketing platform and system right here.

Now lets wrap this up, knowing the facts and seeing the results you would think we cost $100,000. Though I spent more than that building the Network, keeping it up to date, paying for marketing and keeping the network running 24/7, I am going to offer you a limited time offer to join the network for a fair price.


"Influx Entrepreneur Marketing System"

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