Influx Entrepreneur Payment Gateway Options | Payment Gateway Options Review

The Payment Gateway Options

The WordPress Of Influx Entrepreneur has your interest at heart when It integrated with the additional Payment Gateways. Our Payment Gateway Options can be found on the the Dashboard of Influx Entrepreneur, under IMS Membership (also known as Influx Membership). Influx Membership recommends PayPal Pro as the best available option for payment processing but it all depends on you and what you prefer to use.  If you wish to take advantage of our additional Payment Gateway Option s, you must be or become an affiliate of Influx Entrepreneur – Once you make Influx your blogging platform, the Payment Gateway Options will become available in your Influx Membership Menu located on the WordPress Of Influx Entrepreneur Dashboard.

Payment Gateway Options

Influx Entrepreneur Payment Gateway Options Integration Set-Up

For anyone who is interested and or would like to use the Payment Gateways, it is advised that for each Payment Gateway that you integrate, you must configure the options for that Gateway, and you must use the Influx Membership’s Button Generator to create WordPress Short-codes that go into your Membership Options Page ( aka your Signup Page ). Our Influx Membership has the ability to operate with as many Gateways integrations as you desire.

The WordPress Of Influx Entrepreneur Payment Gateway Options

Influx Membership has integrated with additional Payment Gateways and the snap shots below, will give you detailed information for each:

Entrepreneur Payment Gateway OptionsAs you can clearly see and like I have stated earlier, the Influx Membership (Payment Gateway Option s), can be operated with as many Gateways integrations as you wish.

Influx Entrepreneur Payment Gateway Options Video Tutorial

The Payment Gateway Options Video Tutorial, has said it all about our platform and why you should become apart of the Influx movement that is,  if you want to keep up with technology and make money while you’re at it – Everything that you desire for your website is here on the WordPress Of Influx Entrepreneur – All free and is at your request, wherever and whenever! Is your platform providing for you, all that and more? If not, then get over here for a much better traffic flow, leads and most importantly, no third party additional expenses since you can host your webinars and do everything else, on the one platform.

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