Influx Entrepreneur What Is It

Influx Entrepreneur Concept

What is Influx Entrepreneur is the question many have been asking. Influx is the creation of Hector Guerrero and Cesar Torres to help share, train and develop new leaders within the online business community.  Join Influx and get HARDCORE training and an Influx of traffic to your blog.  You will be up and running in just a matter of seconds,  sign up now!

Influx Entrepreneur offers:

  • FREE blogging system
  • Affiliate program
  • Series of training videos

Whether you are a beginner to blogging or a more seasoned blogger, Influx Entrepreneur is a great community of people working together, hand in hand to help ensure everyone’s success.

Influx Entrepreneur Learning Curve

As a member of  influx entrepreneur , you will have access to an array of training.  Some of the areas included in basic training are:

  • How To Set Up Permalink Setting
  • How To Add And Manage Categories
  • How To Create Your First Post
  • How To Create A Page
  • How To Import Media Files
  • How To Setup Your Navigation Menu
  • How To Setup Your Sidebar And Widgets
  • How To Create Redirects To External Pages
  • How To Add Featured Image To A Post
  • How To Schedule And Automate Posts

Influx Entrepreneur Learning Academy

For a more extensive and in depth training the Influx Entrepreneur Academy offers a 14 day trial for  $9.97 simply click the image below to view a brief video with more detailed information on the academy.

Join Influx Entrepreneur Academy Today!

This is a brief overview of what Influx Entrepreneur offers.  Once you join you will also have access to:

  • 24 hour Skype support
  • access to owners
  • weekly webinars
  • leaders and teams to ensure your success

Click the image below to grab your FREE blogging system, become an affiliate and begin creating your success story NOW!!!

Influx Entrepreneur

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