This is What our Affiliates are Saying about Influx Entrepreneur Will you be Next?

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This is What our Affiliates are Saying

about Influx Entrepreneur

Will you be Next?

[testimonial2 author=”Thomas Janssens” + pic=”http://INFLUXENTREPRENEUR.COM/influx-videos/testimonial%20for%20influx/Thomas%20Janssens.jpg”]“Hey buddy here is my Testimonial for Influx Entrepreneur Going from newbie to Affiliate guru overnight thanks to Hector & the Influx Entrepreneur Academy”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Cesar Torres” + pic=”http://INFLUXENTREPRENEUR.COM/influx-videos/testimonial%20for%20influx/cesar-g-torres.jpeg”]“Just doing a YouTube Search for tweetadder to calling your online Challenge on your video You said just call me so I did and here we are now. Influx Entrepreneur gave my business an entire different approach with my marketing technique…”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Stephanie Richards” + pic=”http://INFLUXENTREPRENEUR.COM/influx-videos/testimonial%20for%20influx/stephanie%20richards.jpg”]“Hey Influx, Hector & Thomas The Influx masterminds I just wanted to say thanks for everything you have given me. When everyone else was telling me to quit you guys truly gave me the strength to keep going the training you provide by far is Awesome no other Online training can compare with Influx …”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Dexter Williams” + pic=”http://INFLUXENTREPRENEUR.COM/influx-videos/testimonial%20for%20influx/Dexter%20Williams.jpg”]“I thought I new a lot when it came to affiliate marketing then I found Influx. I was able to take 3 network marketing mlm companies to unseen levels I even had my upload join Influx with me…  “Ask  Gina where can I send her the Blue Mountain Coffee From Kingston Jamaica I know she loves it’ ”[/testimonial2]


Need More Proof?

[testimonial2 author=”Gayle D’Haeseleer” + pic=”http://INFLUXENTREPRENEUR.COM/influx-videos/testimonial%20for%20influx/Gayle%20D’Haeseleer.jpg”]“Thanks Hector for everything man you rock dude…”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Wendy Elwell” + pic=”http://INFLUXENTREPRENEUR.COM/influx-videos/testimonial%20for%20influx/Wendy%20Elwell.jpg”]“Hey Hector , Thomas & Cesar Been going crazy over here So many years trying to make a buck online then Hector You called and asked me if I was ready to make money I replied YES!!! Unaware of what you meant at the time. I Now see why you asked that question this is a “Online Business” not an ATM to collect money I do have alot of members that need my training & support with your skills on Videos Marketing I am so Glad I am able to provide that Training without having to work 24/7 instead I have my Emails, Blogs, & video that do the work for me Thanks Hector & Thomas    …”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Dan Mckim” + pic=”http://INFLUXENTREPRENEUR.COM/influx-videos/testimonial%20for%20influx/Dan%20Mckim.jpg”]“Hey Hector & Thomas just needed to tell you guys thanks. I must say when I seen your video I was skeptical with making money online as you already know if it was that easy why isn’t everyone doing it. After 3 Weeks of pure video training & your 3hr call I had an entire different take on Affiliate Marketing you made me understand what is need to be successful …”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Julie Beachum” + pic=”http://INFLUXENTREPRENEUR.COM/influx-videos/testimonial%20for%20influx/Julie%20Beachum.jpg”]“Being an SEO  Expert Influx had me change my entire marketing strategies understand the power of tools & resources you guys provided by far has catapulted my entire Online Business thanks Hector, Thomas&  Influx Entrepreneur Team …”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Gina Ghafari” + pic=”http://INFLUXENTREPRENEUR.COM/influx-videos/testimonial%20for%20influx/Gina%20Ghafari.jpg”]“Stop teasing me Dexter! Man oh Man where can I start the Team Awsome your technical skills Awesome your Training even a baby can Learn thanks for taking the time to call me via Skype and break it down the personal Coaching you provided me by far Exceeds the amount I paid you for Mentorship Hector, Thomas & Cesar you guys gave me more than Hope but a Freaking Residual Monthly Paycheck Please “don’t stop” what you all do…”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Joan Wilson” + pic=”http://INFLUXENTREPRENEUR.COM/influx-videos/testimonial%20for%20influx/Joan%20Wilson.jpg”]“Thank The lord for giving me the strength to answer the phone when you called me Hector. I am still confused why you called me but, Thank you for giving me the strength to break all the negativity away and increase Traffic to my MLM Network Marketing Companies if it wasn’t for you calling me at home I don’t think I would be here right now writing this Testimonial for you & Influx Entrepreneur  …”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Jarmaine Jackson” + pic=”http://INFLUXENTREPRENEUR.COM/influx-videos/testimonial%20for%20influx/Jarmaine%20Jackson.jpg”]“Hey Kid Jarmain Jackson Here from Brooklyn New York Just wanted to say you rock man! listening to your training and the 1 on 1 phone call really helped me. Hope you Enjoyed the video I created for Influx man you rock, without that training I would not have been able to create that video or even start my Online Book store.. Don’t be a stranger keep in touch man see in New York   …”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Keith Walker” + pic=”http://INFLUXENTREPRENEUR.COM/influx-videos/testimonial%20for%20influx/Keith%20Walker.jpg”]“Hello My Internet Friend even thou we have never meet I feel as If I know you Already. For an older unexperienced marketer you really made this easy Hector. I never even knew how to create my own website. After all the yelling & frustration  you hung in there for me I still remember asking you to do the site for me you replied  “No Keith, If I do the website your not going to understand stop taking short cut sit down, watch the freaking video as many time as you need till you get it” .  Man was I pissed Hector but 4 months later after it was all said and done I made 4 sales that $400 month in just a few week thanks for keeping it real Hector  …”[/testimonial2]


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We love adding value to everything we do, so we’re giving you these BONUSES all for free, just for coming on board with us. Our main objective is to help you grow a business that can generate extra income and ultimately help you achieve financial freedom.

We strive to provide you with all the tools necessary for building a successful online presence and business, so don’t be surprised if you see content in the members area that is not mentioned on this page, just too much to mention. The important thing is that you realize, you’re not alone when you come with us!

bonus 1- ebook collection

This is a super AWESOME ebook collection that you’ll be able to download, print or transfer to your iPad in need be. They are filled with incredible amount useful insights that every online entrepreneur should know. A $97 dollar value, But for you FREE!

bonus 2 ecover creator

Oh Boy! is this tool useful! this incredibly powerful tool allows you to generate a 3D mock ups  in case you want to sell digital products like eBooks, DVD training tutorials, similar to the ones you see on this page. This is a software that you’ll have access on our website where you can upload your design and it will automatically generate a beautiful 3D rendering. A $297 Value, But for you FREE!

bonus 3 workbooks manuals

We will provide you with all the material necessary to help you succeed. We are committed to you and want you to see results a quickly as possible. So, we prepared a set of digital PDF files, that you can download and print, to take notes and keep as a reference manual for your managing your internet business.

bonus 4 collection web graphics

We understand you may not have the tools and skills of a professional graphic or web designer, so we  are giving you access to our database of custom page templates, graphics and tools, that can help you brand yourself as an expert in your field.

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internet business mindset web


Become a proficient marketer knowing everything about internet business, website creation, attraction marketing and eventually creating your own profitable products that generate a passive income for years to come.

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