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Choosing the right Webinar System is utmost important to any business or organization owner, that are seeking to grow with modern technology. From a business aspect and on a professional level, I can totally understand and agree with anyone getting frustrated on a webinar system that is outdated and sleazy. I admire and love Influx Entrepreneur for various reasons, but one of the reasons that stands out to me the most is, the fact that Influx is always keeping up to date with technology. The Influx Webinar System is highly recommended and suit any business or organization settings, especially if your looking for a system that is fully branded, customized and at the same-time, affordable. In the image shown below, is a preview of the Influx Webinar System, when you first click on the WordPress dashboard of Influx Entrepreneur platform.
Hosting your live webinars on a good working system will keep the attendee(s) more focused and trusting to what really important and that is, the reason for the webinar at the moment in time. The Influx Webinar System is self hosted and to make things a little bit more interesting, featured in the sense that, it allows you to use your very own custom domain. But! That’s not all, on the Influx Webinar System, you can embed your live video hosting platform, embed comments system and charge your client(s) if desired. The embed comments system that I mentioned can be, for example, Disqus, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Livefyre, Twitter and or whatever comments system that you are using.

Influx Webinar System Review

In the image shown above, is just a preview of the different settings on the Influx Webinar System. The Dashboard has all the settings and beyond what your heart desire, the Design has only 3 templates option to choose from but regardless, you will have no regrets, the Registration Page is fully customized and more, the Thank You Page is phenomenal, the Live Webinar allows you to embed your own and do so much more, the Webinar Replay basically explains itself, the Notifications allow you to manage the emails, text etc., and the Extra Settings is what I call a BONUS! With all the settings that I have listed and briefly discussed, It is without a doubt, that the Influx Webinar System is the perfect webinar system for your business events. As part of the Influx Entrepreneur Team and as an Entrepreneur of Influx, I have personally used the webinar system, and will again use it in the future because it worked wonders for me and it was a job, well done! However, you don’t have to take my word for it, I suggest that you go and check it out for yourself and you will see exactly why I am so excited about it.

Why I Recommend The Influx Webinar System

I firmly recommend the Influx Webinar System, over any other webinar system, because in my opinion and with your interest at heart, 1. It is compact with some amazing features and settings, some of which, most companies do not have or giving, 2. It is reliable, 3. It is up to date with modern technology, and 4. It is affordable. For all 4 reasons why I recommend the Influx Webinar System, it is now up to you to decide on, what is really important when hosting your webinars – If your fine working on a outdated webinar system or you want and updated webinar system?

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