Installing wordpress and setting up the dashboard

Installing wordpress and setting up the dashboard, now you can also skip all this by getting on a network and save yourself weeks of work… By getting your own Influx Branding Network
You will need a central hub for all of your online traffic to flow thru. To create a central hub you need to setup a Influx Entrepreneur blog. The first half of this blog is the steps to create a customized website.

Influx is as simple as 1,2,3 not kidding
Create an account, select a theme, and start building out your site. All the steps below have already been set up for you. All you have to do I make it yours.
GETTING STARTEDAs a Network Marketer you do not want your blog to created on a “free” service. Free blog services have the right to remove your content and take down your entire site if they choose to do so. These instructions are not for using, they are going to cover step by step how to create a Influx Entrepreneur site. Below I have outlined a step by step installation of wordpress if you choose to ignore the simplicity of going through a network and prefer to do it all on your own.

I must warn you, this is the part where only 5% make it through. I strongly suggest going through a network like Influx Entrepreneur cause you are going to get more fore your money and time invested. If not Let’s follow the steps below and get our site set up on your own…

Step 1 – Choose & Purchase Your Domain Name
Your domain name must fit these rules:

  1. Easy to say.
  2. Easy to spell.
  3. Easy to remember.

Practice saying it out loud. You must be able to give out your domain name and have people be able to write it down easily. It is recommended that you use your name in your domain. If you have a difficult name to spell it might be better to use a nickname or part of your name.

Example: My last name is difficult for people to pronounce and spell. Instead of using we chose “”.

Take time to brainstorm on this. Be creative. Once you choose your domain, you’re stuck with it.
After making your domain selection Click Here to purchase your domain from GoDaddy.
WARNING: Do NOT purchase hosting thru GoDaddy. They are one of the most targeted sites for hacking because of their popularity, and the support is very limited.

BONUS: Simplify the process and host with Hostgator. (Click Here to use Hostgator add the coupon code ” influxblog ” and get 25% off) Your domain is free (so you won’t need to purchase it through GoDaddy and the setup is less technical I would recommend the business package as we are going to be using this hosting for other things..

You can opt to skip creating your own site and have the majority done for you. Click Here for our recommended blog network service. (You will still need to complete and/or verify some of the following steps.)

Step 2 – Purchase Hosting And Set Nameservers

If you need to pay for hosting month to month recommended hosting is thru Hostgator. Click Here to purchase hosting through Hostgator. Because of Hostgator’s higher security you will need to call and verify your account with Hostgator. You will need to login using your specific login link provided to you in your Welcome email from Hostgator.

Login to both your Hostgator and GoDaddy accounts to set your nameservers. You will copy your Nameservers from Hostgator and paste them into GoDaddy. Your name servers are located on the lower left of your cPanel (main home screen in Hostgator)


Copy your Nameservers one at a time and paste them into GoDaddy by going to the Domain Management section of GoDaddy, selecting the domain you want to use for your blog and then go to Nameservers and click on Set Nameservers.

A window will appear to set your name servers. Select the option that says: “I have custom nameservers for my domains.” And insert your Nameservers from your Hostgator account.

You only need Nameservers in the first 2 Nameserver fields.

NOTE: GoDaddy at times changes their dashboard for managing your GoDaddy account. The location for changing Nameservers could move in the future.

Paste your nameservers: Remain logged in to Godaddy & Hostgator just in case you need to go back right now we are going to start build a fresh copy of WordPress, Are you getting the stomach butterflies yet I know I am this is so excited…

Step 3 – Install WordPress On Your Domain

While still logged in to your hosting, locate the quick install under Software/Services. Hostgator users click on the WordPress Icon. (There are other ways to install WordPress but this is the easiest and fastest quickinstall wordpressway.) Click on “Wordpress” on the left sidebar. Click on “New Installation” in the center area. Choose the proper domain you want to install WordPress on.
Leave the “Install in directory” field blank. Give yourself a username and password under “Admin access data” (they can be whatever you want) Put your name in “Admin Nickname” Use the email address that you want to receive notices from you blog to. Click on “Install WordPress” Continue through and send yourself an email on the final step that will have your login information.
NOTE: Don’t use the name “ADMIN” as a user name and insure strong password

Step 4 – Log In To Your New WordPress Blog

blog dashboard

Each site has its own login link.Example: I would start writing down and or bookmarking website address, user and passwords. Once you are logged you will see your new self hosted wordPress dashboard congratulation

Here is an example how it would look if you has created an account with Influx Entrepreneur

Step 5 – General Settings
While on your Dashboard scroll down and clickGeneral setting example on “Settings” on the left. Select “General”. You will see “Site Title” and “Tagline” Look at our example from our dashboard settings. Be sure there are no typos in the your URL’s in the next two fields. Double check that the email address is correct. Choose a city that is closest to you and in your correct Time Zone. Choose your preferred Date & Time Formats. (The default settings are the most common.) Save Changes

Step 6 – Writing Settings
Directly below “General” click on “Writing”.

pinflux ping list 1WARNING: Do all of the following steps IN ORDER all the way through to creating your first post. Jumping ahead can disable certain features and create a lot of rework if you perform these out of order.
Scroll to the section “Update Services” and insert the following Ping List in the field below it.
(This is currently the most up to date ping list available at the time of your purchase of this e-book. However, there is no guarantee that these sites may or may not become inactive in the future.)

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