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elcome to the new era of web design, Influx Entrepreneur has partnered with some of the largest advertisement companies to expand the marketplace for its current customer base.

Influx started off my creating digital products and selling using the power of websites. Simple clean and to the point understand the value of the online real estate. In today’s world, we call it eCommerce or digital distribution,

We understood the pain our customers had dealing with mediocre web designers, let’s be upfront and honest for a second anyone can build a website but very few understand the power of search optimization, backlinking, and real marketing both online and offline.

The horror stories of being locked out of their own website or having no access to the content were horrific. Programmers and website designers just vanishing in the middle of a project without warning.

Being in the business for over 20yrs we know how important your business is. The relation between a website designer & the client is imperative.  Influx Entrepreneur has opened their doors to the Lehigh valley area offering there experience and knowledge to all customers in the Lehigh valley.

Our service includes not just a typical website but tracking, live chat, real-time statics and unbeatable support. We know and understand things change based on customer feedback and experience, therefore, we offer 12 months of service for minor changes at no additional cost.

But wait it gets even better with technology getting more advanced each day we can also create mobile apps for all platforms. Andros, IOS, Windows, Mac. Our websites are mobile ready meaning in today’s world everyone using a tablet or cell phone to browse for information we are ready for you.

Merchant account has also expanded now offering Apple pay, Andriod pay, Credit card & digital currency suck and bitcoin. Yes, we offer a complete marketing business website.   We have no competition as we programmers, designers, promoters but most importantly we are Entrepreneurs as well.

Here is an ad we did with CBS Network

We are looking forward to being welcomed locally to the Lehigh valley and personally welcome a conversation about your website needs.

We enjoy working on the WordPress platform but also work without limitation on any platform you prefer.

Known to many as Influx Entrepreneur a full blown marketing network, we understand the value of content, video editing, creating content, search for relevant keywords based on your niche market. The power of linking with other partners serving your website as a powerful authority figure.

How will you benefit using our service?

We will map put your business needs perform a business analysis, pre-determine your niche and target a promotion that not only promotes your business, website or service but separates you from your competition giving you the look of being the professional.

Next, we start a social media marketing campaign, build a follow and entice your customers to return for more. Video marketing and or attraction marketing will increase customer awareness and provide a clear message on what you offer.

Do you Want more website tips?

Let’s talk about creating an offer or building a customer list using some we call and options pages. This is where a customer will give you their content information in return of something such as a weekly update, raffle, menu, weekly promotion. This will increase your profit by eliminating or minimized post office service.

As business owners, we believe all marketing works but understand some work better than others, therefore, A/B testing is a must.

Here at Influx Entrepreneur DBA Lehigh Valley Design are looking forward to working alongside with you and creating something beautiful.  Changes are hard at times why fix something that ain’t broke. truth is unless you know or understand what we do it’s probably already broken you’re just not aware how much has changed.

When was the last time you dialed 411 and asked an operator for direction? Even opened the white or yellow pages? Things do change in today’s world everything is internet based but I know it’s worked for you so far but soon the new guy will open shop next door then what?

IE Lehigh Valley Website Design | Hosting & Marketing

Going beyond everything business or website related we do offer consultation, training, events, and point of sale (POS) installation & upgrades. Don’t be shy start a live chat right now to get more details to set up an appoint we will send a representative to your location to further discuss your business plans.

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