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What’s up Peeps I looked Through Thousands of Free WordPress Themes and Time after Time I downloaded some Wack A$$ WordPress theme free cheap theme that was a complete waste of time for me.

Just like you feel right now I was fed up, If only I had some extra cash so I can buy a cool theme. That being said I Search & Searched Looked under every rock nothing.

I Needed a theme that could do some key functions for me such as

  • Sales pages
  • Review pages
  • SEO (Search Engine optimization)
  • Affiliate link cloaker
  • and easy to use


Now I must tell you that I am going to give you a Free WordPress Theme But I am bot going to offer any support at all Period space space 🙂

I have my own product that I have to offer support for and I am will to help those as needed if you are a paid Influx Entrepreneur member.

[high_impact_btn_download_now link=”http://INFLUXENTREPRENEUR.COM/Influx%20WP%20Theme.rar” + target=”_self”] [/high_impact_btn_download_now]


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