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Greetings from Hector Guerrero,


I want to get straight to the point tonight

I created Influx Entrepreneur to Empower you in creating online income

Be honest with me do you want to make money online?

You see I have increased our services to $500 1 time payment
and monthly recurring of $29 to cover the server expense


My first 48 hrs inside MLSP



My First 48 hrs inside Empower Network

empower network 2012.png


My First Month inside Ibuzzpro



I worked Tweetadder for 6 hrs




Now Here Goes Influx Entrepreneur 6 months of Pure Work



What does this mean for you?

This means you now earn $400 per sale. Keep in mind we payout 80%

I made the decision of the increase to put more money in your pocket.

Let me explain the average Marketer can make 10 sales per month by

following the basic techniques we teach inside Influx Entrepreneur.

That’s a total of $4000 per month for you

I really hate selling itty bitty products that pay you itty bitty money.

I know you work very hard marketing why not get paid for your efforts

Now I am going to increase Influx Entrepreneur to $1000 in the next

few months if you wait till then you will have to pay the $1000 bucks

if you act tonight you can get it for $500

I am not sure if you’re aware but we did offer it for $97 before that offer

is now long gone. Everyone that came in then well is now making 400%

profit from their initial $97 investment.

I don’t offer trials cause I hate working with punks that have no clue

what it takes to make an online business grow. I enjoy working with

Entrepreneurs that understand the potential of online marketing.

entrepreneur define.jpg




Let’s get started Tonight


Founder, Influx Entrepreneur
Hector Guerrero 

My mentors
Jonathan Budd & Mark Hoverson

P.S Just like you I spend Money to learn the things I know
By the way, I still actively Promote All my Affiliate Links!!!!!



“My advice, DON’T QUIT all the work you are doing
is just about to pay off”

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