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Understanding how affiliate marketing works and how you can make online sales is what internet marketing is all about. For years I have mentored 1000’s of affiliates and helped them make money online using the power of content, attraction marketing and video marketing.

What you are about to learn in this post is one of the Internets best kept secrets about online sales and how you can make money using a website like this one. Make Online Sales Affiliate Marketing CommissionsTo give you a better comprehensive look on what I am writing about I need you to understand what you are reading is a blog posted created on Influx Entrepreneur. The post was created as a form of (content creation mentioned above). This is the most effective way to get you message across the internet.

Content creation is one of the best ways to communicate with like minded Entrepreneurs. A few of the most comment concerns is what can you talk about. I must admit I had the same question when I started as I am not a writer nor at the time a SEO expert. I had no idea how to build a website or create graphics. With technology making it easier and easier for us as online entrepreneurs to build websites and marketing our content, I don’t see why you would fail.

1st I am going to start with what can you talk about and why? let’s say you are looking into affiliate marketing and you are going to promote a product like Influx Entrepreneur how would you start? Iam going to outline everything step by step for so you can have a guided online business plan.

How to market an affiliate product

  1.  Create your account with Influx Entrepreneur
  2.  Buy a domain from Godaddy and map it.
  3.  Create a banner using PowerPoint or hire someone.
  4.  Step up your main & footer menu.
  5.  Understand (not master) basic seo.
  6.  Create a few social sites for your new business.
  7.  Set up Google analytics
  8.  Secret to writing Learn It, Do It, Then create your content from it.
  9.  Create your first post and share it to social media.
  10.  Final step  repeat step 8 and rock out your content

Create a banner using PowerPoint video

The part of creating content is super easy if you follow the steps everyday. Push yourself to learn as much as you can and master your craft, The success you are seeing online including my own has been based from massive content. Don’t do this for the money do it for the knowledge and trust the fact I am guiding you in the right direction. I have written 1000,s of post/reviews on many websites in the course of my years online. I started writing back in 2004 without any help from anyone.

I need you to imagine a written post is similar to a flyer but, it’s online forever or as long as you own your domain. Once you grasp the understanding of seo and simply just write as you learn you will also be crushing the competition. No one online knows what was needed and we all just followed the layout I just covered with you. If you just did a Google search for “Influx Entrepreneur” you would see Influx Entrepreneur crushing Google.

I did not wake up one day and say I am going to be a blogger. All I wanted was the same results you want I wanted to earn money online without selling or recruiting and blogging makes that happen.

Here is a little story about me

Remember this, “you are here reading and watching videos…” You think that was an accident?
I run my internet business just as that a “BUSINESS”

  1. Understand your niche
  2. What are you offering
  3. What problem are you solving
  4. Who needs/wants what you got

Are you willing to wake up each day and work your affiliate marketing business as if you built it with every ounce of sweat equity you poses. Affiliate marketing is not a magic pill but it sure is a super cut and easier on the investment needed to get started. To build your own affiliate product will cost upwards of 30k plus the staff needed to run, manage, and support it.

Stick with affiliate marketing as you start online, The best advise I can suggest is as you are marketing build your brand as you develop. Keep in mind it’s gets very easy when people you don’t know love and trust you. Remember it’s just a suggesting.

Basic SEO crash course

Make Online Sales

As you create content it’s time to market your website/ blog post. The best part of a blogging is, Every time you create a new post you are asking the search engines to re-crawl your site and you are also building a website post.  Google and all search engines strive on content fresh HOT content is most attractive and the search engine work for their customers that simple use it for searching information , How To’s, Problem solving, Knowledge, Facts, Entertainment, Relaxation I think you get it by now. Remember when I said don’t do it for the Money.

No Business Ever Launches For The Profit Margin, They all focus on the solution that are about to solve.
The reason I have been successful is simply on the fact I fell in love with the learning, as I created content and videos from notes taken as I learned, Entrepreneurs fell in love with me and I stated to build a strong trust factor. I provided so much value and sincerity making online Sales was inevitable.

Sales online will be determined by you marketing and content efforts, The best of the best wake up every morning and go it hard. Entrepreneurs don’t have excuses we simple find a solution to move one step forward.

Affiliate Marketing Commissions

The biggest reason I have been able to eat and stay a float was for the fact I promoted a solid platform that I used daily and paid out 50% commissions.   I worked this business as if I was employed part time, I studied hard, made lots of blogs and videos, promoted my affiliate link using my website and made sure I made at least 3 sales a week to earn $750 from Influx Entrepreneur.

As I looked into all factors I had to dive deep into what I have. Started to break it down, Influx Entrepreneur is a website, membership site, webinar and blog, I said who could use it. So I stared researching and found out WordPress alone had over 90 million customers, but only 5% are seeing success from there website. That’s just 4.5 million customers that’s a lot of people, so what’s wrong why are so many not seeing success?

I started asking question this is what I found

  1. No design skills
  2. No cpanel experience
  3. No marketing experience
  4. No clue where to start
  5. No sales experience

That was the problem, So influx offered a site ready to go with a few branding tweaks if needed, The training need to move forward, sales reps closing sales. The only thing missing was a driver, a person just like you to learn and create content share on social network and that was it. Yeah sounds easy, cause it is.

What did you Google today?

You see my point you did not even know but, you searched for something and someone wrote a solution or answer to your question or problem. This a real job just like working at the daily news with a twist. It’s your brand name and your information/content. Without having a cap on income and the ability to offer and or sell anything you want as you develop your skills. Lets take a peak

Take a inside look on Influx Entrepreneur

 Get Started Influx Entrepreneur and Make Online Affiliate Marketing Sales

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