Make this year your best online business year ever

It is customary to make new year resolutions each year; however, too many people confuse having a great year with online business /sales growth.

Most compare their months and years in sales to their comfort zone in sales and income. But continuous growth isn’t about comparing a year to your average; growth means exactly what it says:- selling more and earning more every year. One of the most cliched question asked, and one of the most common “Yeah buts” we hear is about growth.

Question: How can I grow my online business ?

Yeah but: You can’t grow every year.

questions and assumptionsThese questions and assumptions are due to the lack of training and inconsistent tracking of their sales activities. A lot of sales and internet marketers really don’t think it’s possible to actually make “every year” their “best year” ever, which is ridiculous because you can easily learn to grow if you are disciplined. I’ll list a few good habits that you’ll need to grow your online business sales:

Step 1:

Track everything you do. If you want to see continuous growth year after after year, you have to know who you’re talking to such as: prospects you generate, incoming sales calls, internet leads, referrals etc.  You have to know exactly how many calls, leads, appointments, sales, your income per type of customer and closing ratio by type of customer. Why? For the very same reason golfers have to know how far their drives go, how many go left, right and up the middle, how far they miss the green on their approach shots, how many greens they hit, how many putts they miss or make from 50ft, 20ft 10ft and 2 feet.

If they don’t know this (and more) about their game, they can’t know exactly what to improve.  Therefore, by tracking each area that affects your online business , sales growth should be paramount. Your sales and income are affected by everything you do, depending on the vantage point of your prospects, product knowledge, probing skills, your ability to withstand harsh criticisms, objections, your closing skills, your ability to control the sale, and your customer retention process.

What do you track?

Prospects/Leads: What do you track

These are persons who can be nurtured into becoming successful entrepreneurs/internet sensation. You have to ensure that you build awesome customer rapport, find out exactly what your prospects are looking for, how much time they have to dedicate to their online business and where they want to be on a success chart.

To Do List: These are tasks you put in place to make a sale today, or to create an opportunity to make a sale in the future. This include but not limited to, making follow-up calls, emailing, webinars, new prospect search etc.

Results: These are what happened. Sales and income.

Step 2:

Identify your weak areas.

Identify your weak areas.

 When tracking becomes a habit, you will realize that it’s not time consuming as most people think. It is a way of identifying key areas that need a little more attention.  In tracking these troubled areas, you’ll notice that your sales or sales opportunities and activities fluctuate constantly. My advice is to create a weekly planner that will help you to set target goals that you’ll need to relinquish and improve troubled areas within your online business which essentially affects your sales income.


Step 3:

Set Your Goals:

With continuous tracking, you can meet realistic and attainable goals you set for yourself. If you decideSet Your Goals that you want to make a certain dollar amount within 3 months of active and consistent work, then you need to TAKE ACTION and cross every T and dot every I. It is easy to become discouraged when we don’t achieve what we set out to achieve. For the most part, this happens whenever we don’t have set goals. Proper goal setting can make intimidating aspirations become more easily achievable. Goals fuels ambition and holds you accountable for your own failure. If you work everyday at the best of your ability to get one step closer to achieving your goal, you will be humbled and feel fulfilled. Dreams work if the goal works!

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Make this year your best

online business year ever

I’m writing this blog today just to share my point of view of how simple it is to create web content for readers to find. I did not know that selling products using affiliate links such as Netflix, Amazon, Prepaid Legal or Avon could earn me a few extra bucks a day. What is even more refreshing is the fact that I get to spend a big portion of the day teaching my kids the basics of life.

To date my greatest accomplishment is having two beautiful children, witnessing their first steps, potty training my daughter within 6weeks of consistent action, teaching my daughter her ABC’s and 123’s before age 2. I could go on and on about the awesome experiences I’ve had as a stay at home mom, however this blog is just a means of encouragement for persons of similar background and who need that extra push to move forward in to becoming who they’ve always wanted to become.

I’ll leave you with this thought provoking fact: The most rewarding thing about sales is knowing that you CAN control your income. The most challenging thing about sales, is knowing that YOU DO control your income.


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Make this year your best online business year ever



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